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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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RW minister---social distancing really pushed so govt can track individuals by cell phones!

Steve Quayle on JimBakker show past week. Govt claims it's to protect against virus. No way!!

If people are together the cell phone can't be read, and govt can't track them. If people are 6 ft apart, govt cand read individual cell phones and track individuals.

That's esp whybgovt is punishing Christians who don't follow social distance rules. Govt can't track them then and will thus find it nearly impossible to round them up and dispose of them

So Christins MUST NOT ever do social distancing and make it easy for govt to capture and dispose of them

Millions watch the JimBakker show and hear and possibly believe and follow such messages

'How the conservative agenda is being born again through Mike Pence' Charisma magazine. 2019

Stephen Strang, editor, is an avid fan/supporter of Trump

Article states with how Pence is supporting/pushing conservative religion

Lovelace Women's Hospital, Albuquerque, secretly screens pregnant Native women for virus, separates

Sepates Native women from newborn.

Article title Genocide: the Covid Frontier

Horrific tale at lawyersgunsmoney

I found report bit confusing as to details

Seems clear they're treating Native women and their newborn differently.

See what you think

Tulsa cop Travis Yates quits!!! 'Courts no longer take our word' !! Letter 6-12

Published at lawofficer.com/america-we-are-leaving/

His letter 6-12 titled America we are leaving

* aren't respected like we used to be

* decay in behavior

Etc etc etc etc

Rawstory---Trump pushes Tulsa rally to Saturday . 'Out of respect for Juneteenth'!?!?

How is anyone able to do any work with Trump? He changes plan nearly every day!

Waiting for Trump to tell Fox end of WWII was 'questionable'...3...2....

He told them end of Civil War was 'questionable'

Tractor pulls---a big deal in IA. One for kids in Story City late 90s

It was part of the Story City Scandinavian Days

They had some kids toy tractors. A kid would peddle hard and try to pull a log attached to back of tractor. Fun to watch. My visiting niece seemed to enjoy it.

One yr at IA State's VEISHA celebration (it was stopped b/c of parties that degenerated into fights and riots with injuries and manor property damage) ---people had rigged up John Deere toy tractors with motors etc --everything needed. Then they paired up to see which one could pull the other

Fun to watch. Loud but not like a real pull. You could hear real ones blocks away.

People competing said they spent lots of $$ fixing up the toys to be competitive

Speaking of auto racing---ever been to a demolition derby? Went to 1 in 80s at an IA county fair

Went with now ex and my son. It was something else! A loud, fascinating memory.

I don't know how drivers survive!

Tulsa rally to be at BOK Center, holds 19,000. Attendees must sign document not to sue if get virus!

Info at rawstory.

That's downtown, right? Not real far from Greenwood area?

Does Trump have a fight with Musk? Does he know Tulsa put up a 7foot tall statue of Musk? Want

Musk to build his planned factory in Tulsa.

The statue WAS known as The Tulsa Driller (homage to Tulsa's earlier designation as The Oil Capital of the World) and was The Oklahoma Statue. Now it's been painted gold and the face has been 'fixed' to resemble Musk.

Don't expect me to know why somebody though Musk would like that.

Eta--Tulsa lost its title as Oil Capital to TX b/c all the oil companies moved their head-quarters from .Tulsa to TX. Why'd they move. Simple. OK has personal income tax and at the time TX didn't (don't know what's the situation in TX now)

Wouldn't Trump think Tulsa should have rearranged the statue to honor him?

And isn't he jealous of every rich man, thinking they want to get ahead of him?
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