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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Old enough to remember Disney's True Life Adventure movies. One about elk on youtube

I thought there were some that don't appear on wikipedia list. Just a hazy memory

We kids looked forward to them,

OK GOP senator Lankford advises older people, at-risk people not to go to rally. From joemygod

Lankford sometimes breaks out of GOP cage. Remember he said publically he didn't want his kids to use Trunp as a role model.

He was a minister before he ran for office

Important book for the early Civil Rights movement--The Children by David Halberstam (1999)

It tells the story of the 59-62 Nashville Student Movement---activists such as John Lewis, the Freedom Riders, the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), etc

ETA---Halberstam also wrote the 1972 book The Best and the Brightest, an analysis of the origins of the Vietnam War. How it was crafted by the foreign policy academics and intellectuals of JFK's administration

Time to remember the Freedom Rides that started in the spring of 1961

[Timeline, info at history.com]

SCOTUS had given decision that there could be no segregation on buses in interstate transportation or in eating establishments, waiting rooms, etc that served them.

Young black and white students decided to test that. There was publicity when they started (and priny and TV media followed the buses), so people knew their route and when they would be coming. Sometimes the bus would be stopped at the border of a southern state, and the state troopers would go into the bus and tell the blacks to go to the back of the bus.

One of the first had a flat tire or something near Anniston AL. Some whites in following cars threw a bomb into the bus, catching it on fire. The riders were able to escape and got to a hospital.

An early bus was met in Birmingham by a white mob, many armed with lead pipes. The white cops stood by while the riders were severely beaten.

A white confident of JFK (maybe in the DOJ?) was at one of the stations where riders were being beaten. He escaped being beaten himself and called Kennedy to tell him it was really, really bad.

(There's lots of info about the Rides in Taylor Branch's trilogy about MLK)

Have you seen Billy Porter's video song/statement For What it's Worth? Your opinion?

Wow! Thought Alioto (70) and Roberts (65) were younger!

Trump said to be seeking outdoor venue for Tulsa rally, per joemygod !!!

Posted anywhere else?

A commenter suggests new downtown stadium (9,000 seats--near Greenwood) or U of Tulsa stadium near 11 and Harvard (30,000 seats)

Summer 1960 MLK spoke in Tulsa. I got to go and hear him! (I was 20, home from college)

I never saw this mentioned anywhere and wondered sometimes if I'd dreamt it. Then I saw it mentioned in Hannibal Johnson's book on Black Wall Street. And I met a black man who had also been there

I had heard of MLK during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When I saw he was coming to town, I asked my dad if he could help. One of his colleagues at the university was in the local NAACP and was going. He agreed to take me

It was awesome. There were 6 of us in our group, the only white people there, and we sat way up in the balcony of the black church in North Tulsa, Greenwood area. It was the largest venue for the meeting. Of course none of the buildings in 'white Tulsa' was available

I hate to admit I don't remember a thing he said. I just remember the pageantry of the whole thing---the blacks in attendance dressed up, many in lodge attire. And King being escorted in.

I have no idea why King's visit here is so little known

President's health---Ike heart attack 1955. LBJ gallbladder surgery 1965

12 days after surgery, LBJ has press conference and lifts up shirt to show 12 inch scar. To prove he in great health

But later came out doctors worried about heart problem, possible cancer

As I recall, finding this out afterwords led to a major demand that there must always be transparency about the president's heath---the Congress, govt officials, and public needs this info in order to correctly make decisions

Didn't Wilson's wife conceal his health issues??

And didn't Reagan's wife conceal his?

In each case, didn't wife to some extent secretly take over presidential duties??

Same people who cheered toppling Saddam's statue object to toppling Confederate statues, right?

In 1st case it 'clears the air'. In 2nd it 'destroys history'!!!
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