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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

Journal Archives

'Growing up quiverfull--the Duggars destructive cult'---Youtube, Chris Shelton, 2015

'Dever said God was chastizing His people. So it's their fault' !!

At Twitter wartwatch, that is Dee Parsons

She runs webpage thewartburgwatch

Dever is an Evangelical minister--IIRC in a major DC area church

In Tulsa, Hobby Lobby opening new store, hiring 5-18 to 5-21. Ad at DU

They earlier had at least 2-3 stores in Tulsa, then they closed their stores nationwide

Rev Jeff Hood, from Denton TX, in hospital with covid, May5. Anyone know present status?

He's active in movement against death penalty.

He was one of organizers of the demo for BLM in Dallas that led to deaths of some policemen

All I know about him is the bit I've found on internet

Rise of Obamagate was definite sign that Tara Reade story was dead

The gang needed a new attack!!!

Sanctuary for the Devil...Black Women Who Fought It---The Root, about WV

A Michael Harriot article this week

Horrific story about how WV officials refused to see that blacks were suffering from covid

Horrid conditions that activist black women united together to fight

[A comment deleted in deference to comment on the post]

Appalling yet inspiring report!!

Remember TV show He/She? With Richard Bejamin and Paula Prentiss? IIRC in 70s

I really liked it but remembered Timothy Hutton as He

Maybe because he was paired with Paula in movie Where the Boys Are

From bits I watched on YouTube show was not near as fun as I remembered

Isn't that often the case?

Blowup over black woman doing YouTube posts on living English country life

Paula Sutton , formerly magazine fashion editor in London, now lives in English country house and posts about living that lifestyle. Some white woman got freaked out the a black woman was living what was HER life.

Big controversy , reported in the Root

She has interesting YouTube posts and also a blog

Weird what freaks out entitled, privileged white women

David Barton--claims America a Christian nation--constitution gives fed govt no role in health care

So Trump doing exactly correct thing.

[Found at rightwingwatch]

Barton is a darling of the GOP. Main person pushing claim America is a Christian nation, constitution based on biblical principles

Were you given a rabbit's foot for luck when you were a kid? Are they illegal now?

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