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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

Journal Archives

Michael Harriot of The Root arrested in Birmingham covering events

Awful and awesome essay at The Root

Important read---especially for us whites

Are gay escorts really claiming they signed NDAs for Graham. That seems fake

Your view---do cops feel they have free reign now? Or has it always been like this, no cell phones?

What I'm thinking of---

*small VT town St Johnsbury, copsxattack protestors
*Portland(?) protestors lying on bridge as part of a protest, cops attack with massive tear gas

It's like stuff they maybe would have ignored but now they want to show who's boss and they think they can do what they want and no one will care.

You'd think they'd realize people are paying more attention than they ever have before....and they just don't care. They have permission to do whatever they want.

I don't think I'm being very clear---but it seems so bizarre that the attacks are everywhere---there's no attempt to keep the repression quiet. Everything is blatantly out in the open.

They just seem so out in the open, don't give a s**t!

Heard company called Next Door has a 'Karen problem' What is the company, what is its Karen problem?

I am so out of it!

Heard AOC said this

In 50s---religion war in OK on Saturday OU played Notre Dame. Massive # Baptist and Catholic prayers

We used to say there was more prayer in OK that one Saturday than during all the rest of the year combined

Eta--In 50s seemed that most people in OK were Southern Baptists

Memory from Fall 50s---doing math homework late Sat afternoon listening to football scores on radio

Dad always listened to football games Saturday afternoon in the fall

I can still hear the college names---Auburn...Clemson...Wake Forest...

Soooo... GOP says you went out to protest, you can go out to vote. No vote by mail!

What then?

Where was Trump when the lights went out? Down in the cellar eating sauerkraut!

Rhyme mom (1913-2005) learned as a kid

OMG! Just heard from friend---rhere are people blocking I44 in TULSA! At Peoria!

She said cops blocked the freeway. Are being 'good'

If it's happening in OK........

Why is Target closing stores across the country? I can see in MN, Mnplis but why in MO, OK, etc.

Do they feel those stores have 'guilt by association'?

I thought that particular store got hit b/c of its location.

Does Target think it's done something to cause serious anger?
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