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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Time to compare T to George IV? Self-indulgent, mistresses, disliked, etc, etc

Underneath all our individual problems lies our concern about Trump, GOP dismantling of US

Dismantling of our standards, our ideals

My problems are minor compared to the pain being inflicted on many in our country--aches of oldage, trusted dr leaving, pension arrangements, etc. Yet I find it difficult to deal with them because of the disasters reported daily. I have a few--a very few--with whom I can yell.

It's so hard to see the hard-fought gains we won in the 60s being maliciously rolled back by those who've fought from day one to destroy them (civil rights gains for blacks, women, protestors against govt).

People like Beto carry on our fight for America's conscience.

British election of 1784--Duchess of Devonshire walked streets of London for George Fox, Whig

(Source is article about her in Wikipedia)

She was mocked and ridiculed for her campaigning then and at other times.

Some claimed in various campaigns she traded sexual favors for votes.

She was especially nororious for the menage a trois she and her husband led in the ducal mansion in London.

Barbara Michaels Smoke and Mirrors and Jayne Ann Krentz Flash--2 books about election campaigns

* Smoke and Mirrors (Michaels) about a young woman working on a woman's campaign for senator in VA

* Flash (Krentz) about a woman business entrepreneur working on campaign events for a woman running for governor of WA

Each book is a mystery/suspence/romance novel.

Have you read either? What did you think of it?

Are there more good mysteries about election campaigns?

Dick Francis wrote a good mystery about a man involved in British politics. IIRC, the book is The 10 Pound Weight. It's written from the viewpoint of the man's son, and follow's the son from late teens to mid-twenties.

'Noah's Ark under two minutes, Boston style'---video posted 9-1 at TheFriendlyAtheist at patheos

Authors I like who recently died--DickFrancis, DianaWynneJones, BMichaels/EPeters,DorothyDunnet

Also Emma Lathen

And you?

Was really shocked and surprised to learn of their deaths.

How can we not have more adventures of Amelia Peabody? No more stories set in the racing world? Or more quirky fantasy like Howl's Moving Castle? And where is John Putnam Thatcher when we really need him (Emma Lathen)? No more worlds like The Lymond Chronicles?
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