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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Kav doesn't seem like he'd be super quiet on SCOTUS like Thomas seems to have been

Looks like collegiality might be a problem with some on court.

'Rehobeth Police Dept Fan Club' on yearbook page of both Brett and Mark. Means what??

Mark's also says he's the founder of Alcoholics Unanimous.

Given one of his later books, this would seem to imply that the foundation of the student's 9future life was set at the prep school.

Gorusch and K went to same Catholic boys school. Any reports of priests there molesting students?

Weren't they there when little was being publicized, when the cover-up was strong?

With W , I became convinced the federal govt was NOT on my side

Shortly after his sElection, there was deadly flooding in IA towns on the Mississippi. W denied federal aid.

Bill allocated federal govt relief to any natural disaster, even if it occurred outside the US. And this was an internal disaster.

I felt abandoned. At the time I was re-reading The King Years and remembering how the federal government often protected civil rights protestors against the hostility of the states.

NB: I realize there were problems with IA towns repeatedly rebuilding in danger areas despite severe warnings. And the federal govt didn't always respond quickly enough in civil rights incidents. And that the Reagan admin was not so good.

But W basically hit me over the head; he showed that his feds were NOT interested in helping people. That who is heading the federal govt makes a MAJOR difference in how the federal govt responds to people's needs.

'-there are no white people in heaven' Last line in a poem by Jose Olivarez

A very short poem, quite biting.

Found in a discussion of the work of Jose Olivarez in (online) Paris Review 8-24-18


Courtney Milan had a problem with Kavanaugh when both worked for judge Kozinski

See article 'Kavanaugh may have a Jim Jordon Problem' at crooksandliars on july 10, 2018.

NPR--What advice do you have for our listeners? Godzilla--When in Rome----Eat Rome!!!

Heard when there was a new movie after years with no Godzilla!

IIRC, it was a segment from Susan Stanberg (sp?).

Dallas cop case--family, lawyers preempted usual attack on black male victim's character

* He was a long-time Christian and church member. He even attended a Christian college.

* He had a good position with a noted firm.

* His family is very prominent in their country.

* He was well-known for helping his neighbors.

This background, presented immediately, makes it difficult to claim he was a thug, a druggie, or the other smears usually given to black male victims of police shootings.

Looks like so far the 'best' excuses for the shooting are that he was noisy in his own appartment and that he didn't obey a cop's orders

Why Kavanaugh vote pre midterms? To pressure red state dem senators, MO, WV, etc

Impt for context of anti-Pope campaign 'Flirting with Schism', Commonweal, 9-6-18

This article provides more background on the controversy set off by the letter written by the former Papal Nuncio to US. Vigano claims Francis supported a church leader who molested boys and seminarians. It has been shown that this leader was supported and promoted by the 2 previous popes. He actually retired before Francis was chosen Pope. It's also been learned that Vigano himself protected and supported Nienstadt of Minnepolis-St Paul who did the same things that leader did.

The author claims some US conservative intellectuals are becoming Catholic not for theological reasons but to drive their US conservative agenda. He sees similarities with a movement in 1920s France whose leaders viewed religion as a way to implement their anti-democratic goals.

He points out that church leaders in So America and elsewhere have strongly supported Francis. But US church leaders have been silent.
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