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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
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Has anyone investigated possibility some mega-churches might be money-laundering?

IIRC, Steven Furtick's church in NC takes in million plus $$ a week

Consider K Copeland ministries income. And Osteen. Some yrs ago Sen Grassley tried to get 6 ministries to tell fed govt about their finances. IIRC only 3 did. Joyce Meyer did; Copeland adamently refused

Very few have outside auditors. In fact many leaders refuse to disclose their finances, even to the members of the congregation. I have read that some churches 'discipline' any member who asks how much $ the church has taken in or how it has spent the money. In fact, some churches do not let members know what the head pastor and his assistants make.

Phrase often heard in Evangelical circles--'Touch not God's Annointed'

Note well-- many Evangelicals believe and proclaim that Trump is 'God's Annointed!!'

Evangelical child molestation--at 2012 kids camp The Village Church (Dallas suburb) kids attended

Information posted yesterday (10/19) at blog thewartburgwatch.com.

Post discusses how preacher Matt Chandler (leader in today's Calvinism movement) presented info to congregation. Discussin and questions in comments.

WTF Just WTF Yale law couple told female clerkship appicants Kav 'likes a certain look'

Being discussed at balloon-juice, LGM, TPM

One or both supported Kav's nomination.

She is the author of the notorious 'tiger mom' article. Yale is investigating him for 'inappropriate behavior,'

IIRC, they warned students about Kozinski's behavior but didn't report it.

Kavanaugh, Thomas hearings--each time the GOP (male) senators bonding with the nominee

They are guys together against the crazy, 'mixed-up' women messing up their clubhouse. They are wondering 'Who let those girls in anyway!?!?!'yż

?!? 'she said no and he respected it and walked away' Franklin Graham on Pat Robertson's show?!?7

Reported on bobfelton.com (the blog of bobfelton)

Note re Story Co attny, co where IaState golfer was murdered

The present county attorney is a woman.

In 1972 Ruth Harkin (Sen Tom's wife) was elected Story county attorney. She was the 1st woman elected to that position in IA. She did such an excellent job that many of those who have since held that position in Story co have been women.

It was a joke among Ames IA dems that Ruth was elected to office before Tom was. He ran for the House in 72 but lost. He won in 74, the yr of a major dem win in Congress.

What I (woman, white, b 1940) remember about the Anita Hill hearing

* I found it extrenely difficult to watch. As a result, I avoided watching most of it.

* Shortly after the hearing, I attended a academic conference. That was all the women professors wanted to talk about.

* At the Adult discussion group at the UCCM (Congregational church) retired women burst out with stories about the harassment they had endured on the job. No one reported it; that was just the way things were.

* While I was at a local branch library, suddenly a vociferous discussion broke out in one corner. Older women were sharing their stories.

* There were several women reporters covering the hearings for NPR. One of them noted that this was the first time women reporters were covering a major story. (Why NPR picked so many women for this is another story.) They said that all the reorters knew about JFK's 'playing around', but no one reported about it. Guys protected guys. One said with so many women reporters now, such a coverup would not be possible.

* Many women were furious that all the senators questioning Hill were men. Many women decided to run for office.

* I got the strong impression that many of the senators were freaking out, thinking on the order of 'OMG, maybe those OK things I said or did--maybe the women there didn't think they were so OK!'

Seen on internet. Big GOP sign--O is woman's face with hand over her mouth!!!

Don't remember where I saw this.

Maybe some DUer will find it and post it.

Dreadfully appropriate.

?!?Murkowski's dad was AK senator, voted for Thomas. Her brother went to Kav's school?!?

Saw this claim in a comment at balloon-juice.com.

Also that when her dad was governvor, he appointed her senator.

What percentage of dems runing this yr are either minority or women? Or both?

There's the white guy running for Ryan's seat, but the other ads I've seen are for women, minoruty, or both.

Started wondering when I saw the ad for Colin Allred in TX.

Seems pretty impressive!
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