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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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What does National Enqirer have on Kav? Inquiring minds and all

Remember GeneralHospital when Luke rapes Laura & it ends in wedding (1981)?

According to wikipedia, the wedding broadcast in 1981 was watched by 30million people. Neighbor's jr high daughter and friends loved the 'romance' and wanted to stay home and watch the wedding. The wedding had a horse-drawn carriage and romantic wedding dress.

On the 25th anniversary of the wedding the show rebroadcast that episode.

Victim falls in love with rapist -- he's so sorry, he couldn't resist her, etc

At one time a POTUS asked ABA for judge recommends. T only asked Federalist Soc and--

T only asked Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation.

IIRC the Federalist Society was founded by a group that was convinced the ABA was way too liberal.

In some administrations, whenever the ABA submitted a list of 'vetted' lawyers, the Federalist Society howled 'liberal' and presented a list of 'trueAmericans' who alone should be considered.

Liberty U bussed students to DC to demonstrate for Kav

Reported by Jack Jenkins of Religion News Service on twitter. Also by blogger Rachel Held Evans on twitter.

Then 'Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa' Now 'Ein Gespenst geht um in den USA'

A spector is haunting Europe/the USA

1840s start of Communist Manifesto

2018 Exposion of women's outrage

1840s 'Proletarier aller Laender- vereinigt Euch!

2018 'Frauen der USA - vereinigt Euch!

Women of USA UNITE!

'See the pufferbillies all in a row' Anniversary of 1st steamlocamotive

Learned this song in 40s as a Camp Fire Girl. Much, much later learned 'pufferbilly' was early name in England for this new thing.

Down at the station early in tne morning

See the pufferbillies all in a row.

Toot, toot, woo, woo away they go [move right arm as if pulling on a cord]

RMitchell is prosecutor. Isn't she supposed to try to break down perp, NOT victim?

A Grassley quote made it seem like they want her to destroy DrFord, go easy on Kav.

They want her to defend Kav, NOT do job she's done for 20 plus yrs.

Anyone examining RMitchell's work with sherrif Joe Arpaio? Why HER?

Of all the gin joints in the world....

Rosario Marin, US Treasurer 2001-03, was raped as a child. She believes Dr Ford

Story at rawstory, from buzzfeed

Was Kav being coached fron the side at Fox interview? Discussed at blog of nomoremisterniceguy

Interesting question. Irrelevant, because whole thing was a staged con for Fox true-believers.
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