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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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The sheer depth of incompetence and unpreparedness is frightening!!

See statement read by nurse assn president--link in a DU post

Has US ever before ever had such a wilfully anti-expert, ill-prepared admin to deal with a crisis?

Has JimBakker taken down videos of coronavirus programs? NY AG suing him to stop clains

He's been claiming his silver solution prevents/cures coronavirus

He had 5 or more programs on virus and claims at his ministry webpage. None are there now

Anyone consider effect of EW's slight size on perception of her being a strong POTUS?

Her message is super strong

But she looks small and frail.

Remember how people used to claim that the tallest candidates won?

Didn't W have to have a stool to stand on to compete with Gore?

Is UK still part of EU pandemic group?

Recent James O'Breen radio discussion on YouTube seems to indicate maybe not.

If I understood correctly, in a press conference on UK and Covid-19, Johnson answered no questions about this. That sounds like Johnson admin refusing to have anything to do with EU. No sharing of info, measures to be taken, etc

Vote in OK on Tues. Prefer EWbut see Bernie and Biden v close in OK. Do NOT want Bernie. Sooooo....

Should I vote Biden??

Any other year I'd go with my heart, like I realized I should do in the 70s when I didn't vote for Chisholm.

But we MUST defeat Trump. And I just do not see any way Bernie can win the election. And I think he'll cost us the House.

I like lots of Bernie's ideas. BUT 'socialism' is the kiss of death for way too many. I don't know why his supporters don't see that. It's like they live in a bubble.

Maybe it's not a problem for younger people. But would enough of them vote to balance out the rest? Voting pattern history says not.

Undecided, middle-of-road voters called 'mug wumps' in late 19th century

Read this in a girl's book written in the period. It was one of my mom's (b 1913) books she had as a kid.

I read it when I was in grade school in the 40s and thought that was a very funny word.
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