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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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?!?! Evangelical leaders signed manifesto against the push for social justice!?!?

IIRC it was published in Sept 2018.

There are many internet sources for the text, the signers, etc

Saw a YouTube video of part of a recent conference attacking the concept of social justice, claiming it was a direct attack on Christianity.

They also vehemently attacked the concepts of intersectionality and being woke.

From what I was able to gather, all these concepts, movements are perceived to be 'a danger to the church' because they support LGBT rights and women's rights and minority rights.

IMHO in their support of this statement Evangelicals have explicitly and loudly rejected the message of Jesus in Matthew 25 where the sheep are separated from the goats.

Time to bring back phrase 'merchants of death'?

Term was used for arms manufacturers, dealers.

The 'military industrial complex'.

Way past time to bring back phrase 'malefactors of great wealth'!!

Wasn't that Teddy Roosevelt's term?

Coined about the 'movers and shakers' of the Gilded Age?

How can 2 countries (UK,US)with 200+yrs of world leadership be so hideously incompetent today?



Most citizens not paying attention??

Leaders corrupted by $$$ from international corporations whose only loyalty is to their profits??

Populations so easily duped!!

What's the UK Grayling affair? Eg, how do you sign a ferrydeal with firm without ships?

What I've read is v confusing, makes little sense

IIRC, before WWI some Germans said that only war creates true comrades and a true nation

Blood creates comrades and nations

*common blood (from genetic heritage)

*spilling one's own blood with others while together spilling the blood of 'the enemy'

This idea was one of the reasons Germans were so ready to go to war--the years of peace had weakened Germans' belief in themselves as brothers united in a strong nation.

I believe there were people in many European countries at the time who believed their countries needed 'blooding' to become strong again after having become weakened by peace.

I suspect the alt-right and the US nazis have similar ideas.

'Trump is to the US presidency as Ted Baxter is to Walter Cronkite'!!

(Found at juanajean--sp?)

Does Trump think fast food is 'the bestest food'? Or does he just have contempt for guests?

It really is a very bizarre thing to do!

Chief Justice Roberts' greatest hits--Citizens United, Voting Rights Act--More??

His legacy is forever tainted!!

See Justice Taney and Dred Scott decision

Why do women authors write such horrific novels about rape,torture,murder of women?

This seems to have started about 20 years or so ago. At least that's when I started feeling it was becoming more and more common.

Is it a 'mere reflection of reality'? Or is it a way to deal with the horrors that many women around the world face?

What do you think?

Note--I think the first book of this type I read was Nora Roberts' book Carnal Innocence. I think it was one of her first books to break out of the Harlequin-type books.
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