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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Update #2 on brother Jim--in ICU, sedated, responding, cat scan at 6:30pm CDT

Please keep him, his wife, his son and step-children in your prayers and good thoughts.

Me and our brother John too. Thank you all.

Just learned that a Blood Moon appeared the yr Trump was born. Sign God chose him!!

Mark Biltz pontificating on the JimBakker show today (3-11). See YouTube video.

Biltz is obsessed with Blood Moons. 1 appeared near the beginning of Trump's 1st term, 1 on some significant date in the 2nd yr of his 1st term.

All these are signs that Trump was chosen by god!

A totally different world being preached to Evangelicals!!

Update on my brother Jim. Drs put 2 stents in artery. Be home in 3-4 days

Thank you all for prayers, good wishes and vibes.

Just heard that my brother Jim has had a heart attack. He is 76. Asking for prayers, UPDATE

4:20pm central daylight saving time.

Drs put 2 stents in an artery, plan to monitor him 3 to 4 days, then send him home.

Thanks to everyone for prayers, good wishes, good vibes!!

Evangelicals are fighting vehemently against 'social justice'. Major statement late 2018

MacArthur, major Evangelical preacher, published long statement 'proving' that 'social justice' attacks the very foundation of the church's mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many Evangelical leaders have signed the statement.

There is a YouTube video of excerpts of a recent conference they held, teaching pastors how dangerous the very idea is.

The main complaint seems to be that those promoting social justice defend LGBT rights.

BUT they also see danger in the movement for rights for POC, immigrants, etc.

Some speakers were especially angry at those in the church wanting a 'woke' church

There are many sources on the internet dissecting this Religious Right 'fight back'

IMHO Evangelicals can't stand the fact that people are using their book the Bible against them--especially the story of the final judgement at the end of Matthew where Jesus says that 'those who do not heal the sick, feed the hungry, welcome the stranger will be cast into outer darkness because they never knew Him'!

They just can't stand having to measure themselves against the word of 'their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ'.

Just discovered the British fairytale creature Mr Miacca. Have you ever heard of him?

(He's mentioned in a Victorian mystery story I found on line.)

According to Wikipedia, he ate children and was used to scare children into good behavior.

The story I found has a pretty good tale of how 1 boy outwits him twice.

Looking for DU post about IRS forms needed io file 1040 form. Seems I didn't bookmark it. Thanks

'Socialist' means for many 'anything that changes status quo',or 'anything I don't like'

Or 'anything that might change my position in the social hierarchy'

Did the UK govt up to late 1800s forbid the reporting of Parliament's activities?

Years ago I saw this mentioned.

Evangelicals and Jews--in 90s I knew Evangelicals who wanted to have Jewish ancestry

They were mostly young.

One young man searched genealogy sites, did everything he could think of. He said if all else failed he wanted to marry a woman of Jewish heritage.

An older colleague stated that 1 reason so many US Evangelicals were so passionate about Jews and Israel was that they had a very bad conscience--they had totally ignored what was happening to Jews in nazi Germay even though there was lots of information available in the US about it.

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