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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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'She was a good cook, as good cooks go. And as good cooks go, she went.'

Read this years ago in a short story by Agatha Christie IIRC.

When did paper become something ordinary people have easy access to?

Have been reading historical novels set in 19th century UK and US.

Someone asks for paper to write a letter. Getting a sheet of paper takes time, and only one is handed over.

Does UK law allow Queen to take any action in Brexit mess?

UPDATE on brotherJim. Major heart attack 3/11. Since 3/18 at office 2hrs a day under wife's care

He's 76 yrs old.

Once again, thank you everyone for your prayers, good thoughts and good wishes. This has been very scary time.

'...Domitian, brooding in his fortress, plotting ways to make our lives miserable.'

About emperor Domitian, 2nd son of Emperor Vespasian and brother of Emperor Titus.

Quote from 2nd book in Lindsey Davis' mystery series about Flavia Albia, daughter of Davis' detective Falco.

March 16 Roman festival Liberalia, celebrating free speech and coming of age. The God Liber per Wiki

Later associated with Dionysius

The things you can find out looking up every reference you find in a novel

(1st novel in Lindsey Davis' series of mysteries about Flavia Albia, daughter of her detective Falco)

Do you get the feeling these old white guys HATE having to answer to uppity young women?

And---the women know more than they do about the subject!!!

See, eg, Sec Ross being questioned by AOC today.

Seen at blog crooksandliars, linked in several posts at DU.

My brother Jim, who had a heart attack Monday, is doing very well and going home Friday

Thank you all for your prayers and healing thoughts and good wishes. They were comforting.

Thank you also to those who told of their own experiences.

DU is indeed a supportive community.

(It is hard to believe that someone can have a severe heart attack one day and go home 4 days later!)

There are links at different sites to actresses' kids. Where are stories about other kids?

The CEOs have more $$, better clout?

In the 21st century the US has adopted torture, put children in cages,

Started a pre-emptive war

And the open anti-democracy drive to suppress the vote

Way to go USA!!
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