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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Is this true? Nazis used meth extensively for energy--soldiers, workers, Hitler

It's a claim made at Raw Story--I saw no link to a source for the claim

?? EU may withdraw police cooperation from UK if Boris actually drops Human Rights Protections ??

Saw this discussed on a YouTube video.

Anyone know anything about this?

Human Rights Protections are required by the Council of Europe (NOT EU). Boris, many Tories want to withdraw the Protections. Police cooperation with Eurooe depends on having similar Ptotections

I think that's a fair summary of what I heard.

Anyone know anything about this??

!?! Liberty U honors Brexit's Nigel Farage (blog the freethinker at patheos)

Anyone here seen American Factory? From NPR FreshAir, Wikipedia discussions it sounds sad, depressin

Found links at google

Vindman attacked for being inadequate in Ranger school (Faux news, guest)

Reported at Crooks and Liars

Very nasty charges, claim people tried to get him kicked out

Man drives into Moore OK girls track team, killing 2, his son was killed in car crash day before

Reported by NBC, CBS found on internet

Senior killed had been offered a track and field scholarship to a college in Arkansas , reported at my northwest.com

!! 'If I wanted to join a Republican country club, I wouldn't have joined a church' !!

Feb 6 at bilgrimage.blogspot.com

Bill Lindsay reports his cousin told him he said this when he left his long-time Methodist church

AfD, Nazi party. candidate becomes Thuringa Germany leader

Thuringa gave Hitler stronghold in 30s

From long post at RawStory

He even had support from members of Merkle 's party

??UK separates from EU, refuses to allow refugee children caught in EU to go to UK unite with parent

Saw this on internet--maybe Guardian

What in the world??

Secretary now dubbed dept of HHS the 'department of life' in honor of its anti'abortion stand

At theslot.jezebel.com via blog thefriendlyatheist at patheos
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