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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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When were the 1st concerns about cyber warfare raised? During W's admin? Earlier? Later?

IIRC there were attempts by Obama admin to get something done about defense, but the reply was 'crickets'!!

In 90s?? wasn't there a MO Gov running for Senate when pics of him in blackface surfaced??

IIRC he was a dem and was killed in an accident before the election. His wife was able to run (don't recall how that worked) and she became senator. Or was it--oh, look stupid dems elect dead guy----and his wife was appointed to the senate seat he had won?

He was being attacked for his blackface past, and then his death sorta cancelled that out.

IIRC he and his friends did a minstrel type thing in college,

Is my memory anywhere close. Or is this another senior moment for me?

'I'm going to leave old Texas now, they've got no use for the long-horned cow.----'

Did you sing this as a kid at camp?

Remember how much fun all the verses were?

Remember how department stores, other buildings had elevator operators?

And between floors the operator sat on a little pull-down seat.

Didn't they call out each floor as the elevator came to it?

The operator was usually a middle-aged woman, white or black.

Are you old enuff to remember when all stores closed on Sunday?

Ever read any books by Tim Heald? Just discovered him--looks like his books might be interesting

Read about him in Wiki.

He died from the same disease Robin William's had. Have to admit I couldn't read about that then. The disease sounds pretty horrible.

Any DUer heard of the artist Remedios Varo? And/or her painting Weaving the Skin of the World?

She was a surrealist painter born in Spain.

Came across her while reading about a woman who does a series of theology discussions with her brother. The series emphasizes Jesus as brown-skinned.

I found a site with images of her paintings, but my device is not letting me spend time on any one painting.

She has several with the title Rheumatic pain or pain.

Anyone here heard of Maria Lopez Vigil's 3 volume work Just Jesus?

She talks of a human brown-skinned Jesus and the feminine face/nature of God.

Strongly influenced by Liberation Theology.

I posted this question in the religion forum, but the responses were on the order of 'another attempt to try to save an oppressive patriarchal world view.'

I thought maybe some DUers reading/posting here might not be so negative about any approach that views Christianity differently than the shrill, omnipresent Evangelical interpretation/presentation of Christianity.

Is anyone here familiar with Maria Lopez Vigil's 3 volume work Just Jesus?

From what I've found about it, it puts a human face on a brown-skinned Jesus and a feminine face on God.

It's apparently in the Liberation Theology approach to Christianity.

It sounds very interesting.

Video of white women in NM mocking Native drummer--posted at William Lindsay's blog

Posted at bilgrimage.blogspot.com
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