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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 10,709

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How soon til we hear 'the four horsewomen of the apocalypse'?? 3...2...

Our treatment of Muslims radicalizes young men against us. And young Central, So American men?

Just now YouTube ad for Spygate poster and Epoch Times newspaper

'Poster result of months of investigation into how Obama admin spyed on Trump and his organization and weaponized all the govt agencies against him.'

Pitch convinced the sweet young thing it was directed to.

It immediately followed James O'Brien's takedown of Trump's latest anti-May, anti-UK tweets.

Pro-Trump propaganda--imposible to escape.

GOP ruled WI supreme court supported GOP post election destruction of governor power? Is this true?

Dalton grads--Anderson Cooper, Matt Yglesias, Samuel Delaney, Frances Fitzgerald

Part of long list of noteable grads listed in Wikipedia article on the school where AG Barr's dad was headmaster who hired Epstein to teach.

An earlier call-out to England of old---'Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake?...'

[Poem by Alfred Noyes]

In at least some interpretations of the legend, Robin Hood stood up for the people against the wealthy who were only looking out for themselves.

Just learned there's a large number of ICE detainees in Tulsa

Slow to learn this.

Don't know if already posted st DU or if many in Tulsa and/or OK know this.

Several local churches are helping with clothing, temp shelter when they are released and forced to go distances to find family, etc.

OMG! There's a porn video out called Border Patrol Sex.

Ptoduced by Mind Geek, an European co that owns most of world's porn sites.

Found this info at P Z Meyers' blog Pharyngula.

Link to report is at www.dailydot.com.

2020 census--just read that Trump gang has closed half of regional census offices!!

The idea to significantly slow count and drastically cut numbers working in poor/minority areas and thus drastically cut numbers in states with large minority populations

Which is correct--shone or shined?

I've seen them used interchangeably.

I assumed shone to be without direct object--eg the light shone-- and shined with direct object--eg, she shined the windows.

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