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Member since: Sat Oct 4, 2003, 11:50 AM
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We are the forgotten.

We out-voted the Republicans for Congress and the results were 9 Republicans elected to 4 Democrats elected in North Carolina. Our laws are being changed without our input. Our Democratic Party still thinks they need to turn right to get elected and therefore is woefully inadequate as a representative party. The national media when talking about gerrymandering mentions other states but never NC even though in 2010, the Republicans gained control of our state government for the first time since Reconstruction and we are the 10th most populous state. Whether it is stereotyping, political consultants, or an uninformative press, we are truly alone and forgotten. All we have is public interest groups and OWS in our corner but that doesn't translate to a change to elective office. We are the forgotten and ignored. It's like we don't exist. Rant off. It appears civil disobedience, public interest groups, and meetings on our own are the only options these days. They say you can't go home again. That may be true but let's fight and voice our displeasure. Take care.
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