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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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Immediately, I am going to purchase at least $100 worth of stamps from the US Postal Service

I will be reluctant However, if the money does not go directly to the US Postal Service.
Does anyone here happen to know if that would be the case? Will my purchase go directly into the US Postal Service coffers?

Today, and going forward, I declare that

I am A John Lewis Democrat!

Stenciling on a tee shirt.

President Bill Clinton spellbinding story


In a perfect world...

Representative Louis Gohmert Republican from Texas French kissed representative Jim Jordan Republican from Ohio and representative Doug Collins Republican representative from Georgia

Up early to stencil new tee shirt meme.

ďBitches get things done and Bitches vote!Ē

76 yrs old and a proud Bitch

Stenciling a new t-shirt message.

I wish her well, frankly.
I really donít care, do you?

Also, making buttons. Sadly foregoing bumper stickers, vandalism is real.

What happened? Did judge receive the paperwork filed for Stone's commutation?

Iíve searched unsuccessfully for any updates on this story.

I am worried that the news about the "Russian bounty for American soldiers lives" has fizzled out.

I want to think itís because of the 4th holiday.... but think his silence won.

Current DeWine Covid update presser. Essentially every county and city are grown ups and

even though COVID cases in the State are dramatically growing he, the gov, is not going to mandate masks or anything. He is confident that the citizens understand the data he is providing and will take safe measures and wear masks etc, stay away from bars and other large gatherings.

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