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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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For the love of God, Dr Birx turn around and walk off. You are too educated to be a prop!

standing there you validate his lies!

Believe it. This is worse than the 1929 stock market crash.

Our 401k now has less than we invested. We are near 80.

We are sick at the
meaningful loss of our lifes’s savings and work.

I support the Democrats hanging tough and hanging together re the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.

It would be a tragedy of epic proportions if the GOP steamrolls the bill to benefit anything other than benefiting directly to the people.

McConnell’s reign must be stopped. NOW.

Why is the concept of "we over me" so challenging for some? I've read very snarky and

quite frankly, ignorant FB postings from family members. Verbal eye rolling about precautionary measures.

I am A FB coward. I read, lurk and rarely post but don’t have the courage to cancel.

"Women are judged by their flaws, men are judged by their potential."

Not my words, but spot on.

America is in her teenaged years; know-it all, running with the punk, and thwarting authority.

America has a lot of cognitive development to work through.

"Just shut up." I am waiting or that one person who will turn to

trumple thin skin and stop him in his track when he lies.

It will happen. On national TeeVee. That one person will speak for millions and millions when he/she finally tells the fraud what we have been waiting for.

“Just shut up.”

It needs to happen.

Voting for Elizabeth but donating to Joe.

He needs dough to help him finish.

Pluralistic Ignorance?

- Snip

“ Rather than voting their own preferences, Democrats try to figure out who everyone else would vote for. They are trying to act like pundits. But just like the pundits, voters don’t know which candidates are most likely to have the broadest appeal. And sometimes their assumptions are just wrong.

Social scientists have their own jargon-laden name for what is going on — pluralistic ignorance. It could play an outsized role in determining the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

The pluralistic ignorance process goes like this: You feel a certain way. So do most other people. But you don’t realize other people feel the same way you do. You think it’s just the opposite. You behave based on your false beliefs about other people, rather than behaving in a way that is true to yourself.

It’s “pluralistic” because you are holding onto two sets of beliefs at once — your true beliefs and what you think other people believe. It is “ignorance,” because you are wrong about other people’s beliefs.

It is also a shared ignorance. You think your favorite candidate can’t get elected because you assume most people would not vote for that candidate. Lots of other people are doing the exact same thing – they have the same favorite candidate that you do, but they also assume that other people won’t vote for the candidate. That candidate can end up dropping out of the race or getting defeated, not because people didn’t believe in that candidate, but because of the pluralistic ignorance of thinking their own belief in the candidate was not shared, when it was. Too many people end up voting based on their mistaken beliefs about other people’s preferences, rather than their own preferences, which really are popular.”



We deserve to have Elizabeth Warren as our President. She would not draft policies by

sticking her finger in the wind to see how the wind blows....yet professed supporters are
abandoning their vote for her in exactly that fashion...a finger in the wind.

Either you believe she is the most capable or you don’t. I simply do not understand abandoning her.


Found this NPR article on the Coronavirus and more. Extremely interesting.


“Which brings us to this current coronavirus outbreak. As soon as it started, EcoHealth Alliance's longtime collaborators in China (principally researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital) compared the new virus with the bat samples they'd collected. They found an extremely close match.”
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