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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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Quick question for someone how may know campaign finance laws.

Each and every time on each and every piece of campaign material, sign and TeeVee ad
Hillary's slogan "Stronger Together" appeared it was required that the "paid for" disclaimer appear.

Does this then make it exclusive to the Hillary campaign?

Waiting for Mueller is just like waiting for a pregnancy to deliver.

I'm tired of friends, relatives and fellow activists asking me "when will we know! When will this end!"

It's difficult to move through the day, without checking every five minutes to see if labor has started.

So I'm visiting in Florida, and decided for the next two weeks, I'll join the morning

water aerobics group.

About 30 mostly women, seem cheerful.

Then at the very end of the session, the group sings a prayer evoking God and past relatives.

Then they turn toward an American flag and sing "God Bless America."

All of this is of course, their right to do. I'm not interested. At all.

I am polite, and don't move until they are finished. However, today being day three I haven't joined in, I saw elbows flying as if to say...see she doesn't join in.

It's a guarantee that I'll be questioned. Is it enough to say it's not my thing (which is not the entire truth)

I would feel better about the departure of Northam if one person

would step up and provide some kind of proof that after 1984 he demonstrated a racist heart, a moment, a decision, anything.

Is there enough in his public record that demonstrates he isn't?

I believe in redemption. Sometimes having the courage to do the right thing is bolstered by knowing you don't want to ever face the stomach churning feeling of doing the wrong thing ever again.

How does a teachable moment come to pass?

McConnell must resign. Why? Not only did he pose in front of a giant

Confederate flag; his policies and votes never evolved, just continued.


Please give this man the hook! Grab him by the elbow and get him into a

straight jacket....

For fucks sake! We don't want a fucking wall! If this gaslighting shit doesn't stop we need to

be able to make a run for Mexico. No wall standing in the way- a straight bee line outta here!

Should the SOTU come before a joint session, will he be treated as Pres Obama was?

Who will stand up and shout


Will it be one, solitary soul?
Will it be a chorus?
Will it be none?

Until America becomes a majority tan country, we will continue to have certain white

population fighting to suppress "the others."

We are decades away from the tanning of America, I will not live to see it.

My peeps and I have gone dark, we are sending fewer and fewer articles and text messages.

We have beaten the horse every which way and feel the shadow of dementia creeping up because we keep repeating ourselves.

"Ain't it awful" ain't cutting it.

We hound each other to remain steadfast in calling and texting and writing to criminal GOP Senators, but that is an activity that requires blind faith that the standard boiler plate response will be canned for a
"dear Ninga, you are right, I will vote to open the government, thank you, Senator Portman, Ohio"

2 stabs in the heart from which it is taking enormous mental strength to overcome are the
1. the Gov shut down 2. The GOP voting to lift scantins of the Russian criminal Derapaska.

These stabs, added to the immigrant children stabs, along with the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch stabs, have left scars.

The only thing that catches my attention these days is the Tommy John men's' underware commercial that streams to my ears via radio MSNBC. Several times a day I smile.

That's it.
The End of the story.
Please don't yell at me and tell me to get a grip. While I have applauded the House returning to the Dems, and have faith in many of the new fresh faces...our Constitutional Crisis is all consuming.

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