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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,474

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Impeachment is NOT about "getting" a sitting

Itís ultimately about protecting and safe guarding the Office of the Presidency, not to make it a laughable stock or a quick stop for self serving opportunist.

If the Congress does not take its oversight responsibilities seriously and allows this abomination to stand - then the degradation and erosion will leave such a stain that it may take decades to restore.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! "Russia I hope you can find Hillary's emails."

Will anyone with courage and balls please please please stand up to this!

You do realize dear peeps that to each and every outrageous event, the GOP

when confronted, respond with "So what, waddaya gonna do about it, huh?"

So therefore, what now? What next?

So help me to high heaven what are they thinking.....

The basement, the vaults, the libraries, the halls, the hidden rooms, the subbasement, off site

storage, everywhere historic art treasures from the beginning of time owned by the keepers of the Vatican. Not religious art...but secular art from the height of the Renaissance .

Ya would think that if the iconic and venerated Norte Dame needed repairs years ago,
the Vatican could have loaned them a few....

What a waste.

Am I the only person here listening to today's AM Joy?

Her guests are strongly suggesting that it's too late to writing letters and waiting for democracy to work.
Why aren't we Impeaching?

Laughable or hair on fire? Barr's testimony today solidly cements his feet in the traitor tRump

camp. He did it to himself. In public. At a microphone.

I don't know if I should laugh, cry, or set my hair on fire but this clown is stupid beyond belief.

I now firmly believe that the person whom I've been waiting for and I call the "reluctant Deep Throat" today came to the full realization that they must start the process of leaks that will right the ship of state.

OK peeps. AG Barr just testified he that he will not realease the full unredacted

Mueller Report.

Now what?

Just good grief....on those rare occasions when I've felt uncomfortable

I've just said..."ya, know, I'm ok if we don't hug" or if the hug or arm squeeze takes me by surprise I let them know "touching is not my personal favorite"...in most cases the offender looks surprised and quickly pulls back.

Geez, just let people know for goodness sake and not harbor resentment until they decide to run for president will ya?

Political Marketing 101 - capture the airwaves

steal the message, use all forms of communication possible, quiet the opposition.

How we doing?

Should, would, could. When will Mueller Report be released?

I say, 24 months. Barr will equivocate- and redact one word a day, equallying 24 months.

And we have no recourse.
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