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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,470

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Poor Maguire..frantically searching for his ass...Schiff has it.

Surgical Schiff.

So who wrote widdle Numnuz statement? Any bets?

His rambling and lies are stunning.

Spectacular Adam Schiff. His statement will be enshrined in history.

I’m weeping.

This is what it feels like to be on the offense..Nadler asking Barr to recuse, Speaker

taking to Twitter....the GOP having to defend.

I hope the Dems having many more defensive drips to drop!

Go Team!

Every six months I ask "is it time to take to the streets and have massive demonstrations

in cities across the US?”

It’s just about that time again. So I’m a askin. See y’all again in six months.

Corporate media (yes Rachel and Lawrence) chastised the House on the order of questioning.

Why? Because their corporate bosses made a decision to only show one half of the hearing. They wanted the House Counsel to question first. Why did they not show the ENTIRE hearing?

They had to spend the evening retracting the half baked reporting the mouths spewed in the afternoon. Half baked, incomplete reporting.

I’m disgusted with corporate media. Cable cut away from the hearing to unleash the talking heads long before the hearing ended. This is akin of taking the cookies out of the oven at 5 minutes instead of 14.

The hearing has settled down. Dems are getting sections of the Mueller report read out loud.

This is part of the drop drip drip. Lewandowski is a schmuck. It shows. A tRump butt boy.

Contempt of US Congress, take him away in handcuffs. Do not let his stonewalling have

the last word.

"We should not be afraid of big ideas". Sen Warren. Let's talk about this.

I just learned that one of the big compromises undertook by FDR was eliminating national health care from his Social Security bill.

President Truman worked and worked to get health care for all. He handed it off to Pres Eisenhower
but of course Eisenhower was a Republican and he had other goals such as the national highway program.

Then there was the much maligned LBJ, who fought and fought and fought the mainstream and naysayers and GOP to get his Medicare/Medicaid bill passed. He was a hero. He fought and made it work.

It is critically important to know our history in order to go forward. The Democrats were dragged to the middle by Pres Clinton, and have languished in the middle of the road for 25 years.

As author George Lakoff wrote about liberals is that we have accepted conservative terminology framed in a way to promote strict Republican hierarchy. Lakoff wrote that Liberals must cease using GOP terms such as “partial birth abortion” and “tax relief” because such phrases are manufactured specifically to allow for them to frame the debate. Liberals help them when we use their words.

When Elizabeth Warren says not to be afraid of big ideas, she is saying that we must not let Republicans tell us what to think by attaching scary labels.
Health care for all is not scary, don’t buy into it.

We must do all we can to stop using GOP frames. Be not afraid. Be LBJ be FDR. Fight.

Go big, or go home. Go Liz!

Read something, see something, say something.

Text elected officials.

text The word “Resist” to 50409

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