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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,500

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How do we react when Moscow Mitch throws his monkey wrench into the Senate Trial?

You know, when he hijacks the process and goes directly to a vote to acquit?

Meanwhile, the cats resist herding. Why oh why!


Impeachment already feels like yesterday. Barr sucked all the air out yesterday. I feel

like we we are climbing a slick oily wall. Slipping and sliding not making progress.

There is nothing to foreshadow the GOP tactic of digging in and standing with Biff will not work.

There is too much everywhere. What about the Durham report yet to be disclosed? Yes we know it will be crap but they don’t care do they. We are dealing with a level of chaos never before heard of.
It continues, and it’s getting bigger. It’s going to take some huge balls by some big names to get this thing, this monster, under control.

Ratfuck Rob Portman trumple spineless sycophant voted YEA......

All Portman knows how to do is toe the line and bow to Moscow Mitch.

Yesterday he voted Yea for the nomination of yet another unqualified person to sit as a judge.

When the Democrats become the majority, they MUST impeach wholesale numbers of the criminally unqualified judges installed by Moscow Mitch.

“Ms. Pitlyk has never tried a case as lead or co-counsel, whether civil or criminal,” Hubbard wrote. “She has never examined a witness. Though Ms. Pitlyk has argued one case in a court of appeals, she has not taken a deposition. She has not argued any motion in a state or federal trial court. She has never picked a jury. She has never participated at any stage of a criminal matter.”

I will fight like hell to rid Ohio of scum Portman. Too bad he’s not up until 2021.

Will the Democratic Counsel ask Turley questions? I hope to high heavens he, they do. Please

nail him.
He’s getting more pompous with each sentence.

Ah ha! Turdly said he was personal friends with Barr! Nt

Looks like more than a few Londoners have showed up to protest Trump. Bless them. Nt

Ambassador Taylor is doing an exquisite job with his statement. Speaking in clear English, using

direct and simple words. Even the most stupidest fuck should be able to understand.

Well today, Nov 7 is "national Warren hatchet job" day. Morning Joe has devoted anti Warren

segments for the entire program, starting with Steve Rattner. The WaPo and NYT feature anti Warren columns. The name calling of Warren’s M4A proposal by Scarborough this morning was very disturbing.

If they had any balls they would give her the same amount of time to talk in depth about her proposal.

So disturbing.

Is Sen Warren formidable? Does she have what it takes to win over voters.? Even moderates?

This 2015 article sheds light on how she approaches the work of the Senate.


Warren's real power lies in her outsized influence, not just for a freshman senator, but for virtually any elected official in Washington. Her pen may not have touched many pieces of legislation that made their way to Obama's desk since her election in 2012, but her fingerprints are all over them.

Warren would be a strong spokeswoman for the party in Congress or outside of it; she spurred creation of a federal agency—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau— without the title of "senator" in front of her name. But allies say Warren's best tool is her seat at the committee table in the Senate. Through hearings on the Senate Banking Committee in particular, Warren's questioning and persistence has lead to rules changes at various federal agencies without needing to get legislation through a Republican-controlled Congress. Most notably, Warren successfully pushed the SEC to require banks to admit wrongdoing in negotiating many settlements.



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