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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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Political Marketing 101 - capture the airwaves

steal the message, use all forms of communication possible, quiet the opposition.

How we doing?

Should, would, could. When will Mueller Report be released?

I say, 24 months. Barr will equivocate- and redact one word a day, equallying 24 months.

And we have no recourse.

Ok, I'll bite. No collusion with Russian Government..how about collusion with

several Russians who are not in the Russian Government but have a direct pipe line into the Kremlin and are directed by Putin.



Nothing there?

Americans stood by with glazed eyes watching

the GOP steal the 2000 election. Yep we took it.
And yep Kerry didnít win in 2004.

We are millions strong and yet we donít know how to show up. I was taken to the woodshed by senior level DUíers for expressing my deep concern about the impending Mueller report. And yet, here we are
eyes glazed over.

Take to the streets - truth or dare

This result my friends, will suppress voter turnout.

People who were sometime voters will see no sense in voting if they believe this was rigged.

Are citizens, voters and activists more engaged with the political environment today,

than they were in the past?

If AG Barr tries to pull the same crap with the Mueller report as he did with Iran Contra findings during Reagan - hid them from the public - we will what?

For me personally, I hoped for a report that would allow for bipartisanship to move to


Now, his supporters will only hear that mueller found no collusion.

It will be enough to relect him.

Anything that follows with the family or even tRump, will not be solidified until after 2020 election.

Believe it.

I'm starting to stock my comfy safe place with cookies, chips and M&M's, and a year's

worth of fiction.

I am preparing to withdraw from this no longer civil nation.

If the foreshadowing is true, the Mueller Report may land with a soft thud.

I must be ready.

So, my 64k question is...How do we get people to vote?

I'm tired of the talking heads, pols, writers, etc blabbering about the Democrats running for president need to be this or need to be that.

The real problem.
The only problem.
The answer to the problem.

People need to vote. Period.

The GOP has been brilliant at suppressing the vote.

We have to be better than brilliant at getting out the vote.

What's the answer?
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