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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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I text Senators every hour. BUT who else knows that? Senators can ignor. But people in the

street is a whole different ballgame.

Much discussion about the GOP will have huge losses in November.

They don't care. Because they are about to win the lifetime World Series.

While we watch.

'Y'all know what's happening right before our very eyes? You do know, don't you?

we are being played

I have an idea. How about we move the tidy, planned in advanced, colorful, sign filled women's march scheduled for NEXT YEAR to the end of this week.

All the analysis, outrage, interesting threads, funny videos, are not laying one hand on the GOP.

If we don't rise up and meet this moment....then we have no standing to be outraged and victimized.

I guess I don't belong here. I think I joined in 2004. Maybe I don't fit in with the purpose of this forum.

Contact your elected officials via ResistBot ....I use it and get responses from my Senator.

I text several times a hour. It's so damn easy!

Let's do it DU!

Overload the bastards!!!!





to get started, or for a faster and easier user experience, try it on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Twitter.

Trump gets the FBI report. We need to start this very minute in understanding exactly

the implcations of that fact.

I will NOT rely on the report to be the savior....

I will rely on Kavanaugh's intemperate and belligerent remarks.

We have been given a week....I intend to use every minute to hammer Kavanaugh's own words.

I would be happy to see DU quiet this week...because it would mean that we are frantically

hammering the Senate.

Do not let this week go to waste. Bee busy bees.

The man is clearly unfit! His belligerent rant was a gift....we should stick it under every
Senators nose.

Deluge them...make them feel that there is no where to run, no where to hide.

Do we need a collective strategy to keep the heat on Kavanaugh?

I would like to suggest one that may be be helpful.

Everywhere possible...letters to the editor, texts and emails to the Senate, and in all on line comments sections - we speak in one voice.

"Brett Kavanaugh's own words disqualify him for the Supreme Court.
Justices must have the temperament to be able to rule with impartiality.
Mr Kavanaugh cited the 2016 election, the Clinton's and the media in his belligerent rant.
But most revealing was his threat of reprisals for decades to come.
This man does not belong on the Supreme Court."

Parsing words: Kavanaugh "I did not have sex or

Abuse Dr Ford.

Ok then. How about Christine Blasey?

Tell yourself they arenít one in the same Brett, so you can lie.

Flake's deal is limited to 7 days and FBI investigation into Dr. Ford only. I say let

Avanatti loose on prime time if his client will not get the benefit of FBI investigating.

Flake " you do not have my vote until a FBI investigation takes place". Nt

Flake "Limited to time and scope for Dr Ford allegation only". No other charges!

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