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Am I not the only one who thnks the judge in the Manafort case is tampering with the jury?

What the hell is with the judge?

Who do I CAll?



U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, as he has repeatedly through the trial, interjected during Gates’s cross-examination.

When Gates said Manafort “was very good at knowing where the money was and where it was going,” Ellis remarked, “He didn’t know about the money you were stealing, so he didn’t do it that closely.”

Mueller will hand Rod Rosenstein not one, but several

counts of obstruction of justice.

I pray to our womanly spirit that there will be so many counts of obstruction that no matter the balance in Congress, Trumplestiltskin
will deflate into a withering shriveled up splotch, and be impeached/removed/gone.

He drips are adding up........

Grand Jury question. Is it true that the prosecutor will not have a target

come before the Grand Jury?
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