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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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Pelosi and Clinton have a lot in common. The cowardly right hammered them and used

their names and slandered them and lied and abused and tried to humiliate and belittle, and
reduce them to be less than human, and accused them of murder and and and and....
Meanwhile they did their job. Women. 2 women who withstood as much as any humans could.....


Many times in many ways certain Democrats said "yes they are" and "yes, they must go"

So when upstarts speak, do we nod in agreement? Sometimes in my 74 years being a Democrat is a cross very heavy to bear.

If he confused would/wouldn't

In public...
What did confuse during the private meeting?
What did he miss and/or mistake?

A USA President who is without the wits to speak clearly about our enemy Russia needs to go.

He is a stumble bum liar. He lied.

He. needs. To. Go.

I just called Chuck Schumer's office to offer support for hearings regarding

the Putin summit.

Here is a link to all of Schmuer's offices.


We need to then call our own senators and voice our support for hearings.

Please join me DU peeps!

Putti using really big words at presser...essentially saying "nothing to see here move on"

Dotard eyes glazed over.....

This is rich...two lying liars on the same stage.....lying.

Thank you!!! The Dems have shown up and giving

the GOP dome of their own medicine!!

In what way did yesterday's heartfelt and genuine

marches affect the separations?

I want to know if I should be watching the House or Senate for tanagible results.

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