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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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58% of registered voters in the Ossoff/Handel race, voted.

Some people might get excited at a 58% turnout. Not me.

With all the analysis, words and opinions expressed about that election, the most disturbing to me is, why don't people vote.

All that money spent...perhaps the most costly congressional race ever...garnered 58% turnout.

Discussion on Chuck Todd is centered on "how safe do members of congress feel!"


How dare they discuss more security for them and their families on the tax payer dole!
I sure as hell DO NOT want to see them get protection from gun violence.

Nope. No way.

They want protection....change the f**ing gun laws or live like your constitutants have to day in and day out...

Somebody please!

I am enormously sad, and well beyond the prayers and thoughts stage.

Everything every reasonable public servant has done to mitigate gun violence in this country has been rebuffed and marginalized.

Those shot today are no different, nor more worthy, than all other shooting victims.

While very sorry, my feeling is a shallow "nothing to see here, move on."

The shoting porn being perpetrated by cable news, ad nausum, will likely knock Sessions out of the
lede. Mean while every Republician coveting a microphone will keep the shoting balloon in the air, and milk it to no good end.

It is so depressing that it is unbelievable.

Yahoo! Yes sir re, electoral college!!

Yep he went there.

What the f**k, tells Sesson he doesn't want to be alone with Trump

but doesn't say WHY?

Will someone please ask if Sessions asked why!!!

Get a load of this article on Comey

This is an outline of Comey's background in his early years. While all of us grow and change as we move through life, this article made me sit up and take notice,


Please help me out with a question. Comey tells Sessions he does not want to be alone with

the President.

What date was that?

If there were 9 contacts between Comey and Trump, where did Comey's statement to Sessions fall in the chronology?


It's simple DU peeps. Watch or DVR 60 minutes and the very

next day, purchase one of the advertised products. Even if it's something you may not use.

Megan Kelly and the MSNBC idiot who thinks she is a good idea, need to fail.
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