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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a tweet surfaces

suggesting Sen Franken is a victim of Project Vertias.

If I tweeted.

Holy Cow! Franken has a special gift!

He seems to seek out only registered Republicans to "touch inappropriately."

Hang in there Al.

Why oh why is MSNBC airing 45 verbally masturbating, live!!

what the hell!

Remember "Billionaires for Bush?" I'm ready to take them out of mothballs

and rename the movement as "Billionaires love Trump"


Breaking out the limos, furs, diamonds, tuxes and top hats.

I'm exhausted and tired of being sad and angry. Angry isn't working. Time for some fun.

I'm seriously asking. How long do we stand on the curb while watching the train wreck?

Wait and see?
Put all our eggs into Mueller's basket?
Call, write, email?
Give the victims of the train wreck a hand up? Our condolences?

Every. Day.

This is why I think Richard Cordrey has the right stuff.

When he was Atty Gen of Ohio, he won the first and biggest case against predatory credit card companies.

And then this:

When Wells Fargo was opening millions of fraudulent accounts under customer's names without telling them, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau got their money back.
The Bureau helped 75,000 active duty soldiers deployed overseas with credit problems back at home. They protect students from illegal loan practices on student loans. They have handled 1.2 million customer complaints, and have the largest data base of financial customer complaints.
The Bureau has pushed back against esoteric home loans, and forces lenders to make sure borrowed can actually afford to pay back loans. This will help prevent another mortgage meltdown, and fraudulent foreclosures. And the bureau educates consumers on loans and other debt so they know what they are getting into and what to do when they fall behind.
If you are a bank or credit card company, you have a reason to hate their agency. If you are a consumer of financial services, like credit cards, home loans, student loans, etc, the CFPB is working to protect you from global banks, and their constant fees, tricks, and frauds.

PBS edits out Franken in Letterman tribute....


They are really good at this. They know how to hammer away because WE

are the champions of all that is good and fair. They make us blink and doubt and eat our own and then watch with glee as we slay our own on the alter of righteousness.

I have so much self doubt about the 30 year hammering and outright lies HRC was subjected to, that I didn't do enough.

Voting for her wasn't enough to erase 30 years of injustice.

So, how do we,push back, make noise, and call into question he "outing" of Franken?

It either matters or not that Roger Stone foreshadowed yesterday's events in the middle of the night. Are they so bold, and think so little of our resolve that they can trot out any old kinards and we will bite at their bait?

I believe we miserably failed HRC by not exposing the witch hunt. Remember how the 2000 photo of the supposed "good people of Florida" storming the board of elections was exposed as being GOP operatives. It was STAGED!

Yes, Franken mugging for the photo was juvenile- what if he were giving her the middle instead of mock groping...?

You got yer serial abusers, you got yer pedophiles and

then you got yer assholes.

So there. The photo was stupid and tasteless, I do not see where he actually touched her, and then of course his mugging for the photographer is indicative of juvenile behavior.

He should not step down. There should be a hearing.

When people of good-will vote, people of good-will, win.

Just sayin.

The story for me was the massive voter turnout. We must make voting a cool thing to,do, not an eye rolling chore.

Voters need to know that the enemy of good is perfect, and perfect is not a reason to skip voting.

By the way, I also hope that last night results help some Democratic officials getting reacquainted with their balls.

Edited for clarity, or not!
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