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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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National Democrats need to develop a strategy to overcome the noise....

and take the GOP to school on messaging.

Democrats need more to get their street fighting mojo on....working smart.

Start by taking ONE little known, harmful line item in the tax bill and hammer away in a press conference, and in every interview - same message from everyone...

Something like....."Do voters know there is a provision in the tax bill that no longer prohibits churches from openingly supporting candidates....if voters don't know that, what else don't they know?"

It doesn't have to be that, it is has to be something.

My God, something, anything...but Democrats be orginazed...be street fighters together.

I wonder if Morning Joe would let me come on the program

to ask substantial, meaningful questions to the likes of Sen Corker, who
was given free air time to spew his lies and try to put to rest that he didn't know
about the real estate benefit he would directly receive from the tax bill.

I want to stop feeling sad and hopeless...

Mail copies of your medical bills to GOP Senators. Volunteer to

copy and pay the postage for those you may know who have lost their insurance.

If you don't know anyone personally, go find someone. We know they will be out there.

I wasn't this disheartened or depressed on learning he was elected..and I thought I was bad then.....

Dems let GOP open Pandora's Box. GOP got a taste of success when Franken was booted.

So now fellow DU'ers...shall we start to compile a list callled "Hit Job?"

How much time and money will Dem after Dem have to incur to defend charges that alter perception.

Because ya know, Truth suffers at the hand of perception....

How many of these charges will be used in GOP political ads in 2018 and beyond?

The clock is quickly ticking toward the point of no return.

Eyes glazed over, the self important Republican Senators are watching it all slip slide away.

Today, 45's tweet attacking Gillibrand, has escalated the witching hour.

If Collins, Murkowski, and the rest of the GOP gang chose to sit out, look the other way, and let his tweet stand unchallenged, then they join him as the worst GOP public servents, ever.

He will continue until he self implodes. It is on pace to get worse.

If I accused Franken and didn't get my day to

testify, I would be pissed.

Franken isn't the only one who was denied due process. His forced resignation has left all the charges by the women in permenant limbo.

If the Dems took to the podium to strongly advocate for the victims getting their due process
the moral high ground wouldn't look so political would it?

Franken would get his due, the victims would get their due and the public would get their due.

The Dems could have stood with #metoo signs demanding due process for Moore accusers, just as they would have with Franken's

So could it be said that in their rush to be political - victims became collateral damage?

(Or in the case of Franken's accusers-relieved)

If MSNBC rehired Sam Seder, then Dems can reject Franken's retiring.

Cause YA KNOW if the Tweenden/Jr exchange was found.....what else is out there?

This is why Franken should have had his due process.

We are the pussy's that the GOP laughingly grab.

Democrats sure know how to eat their own.....

Al Gore......2000 election.....did not finish the job to find out what was at the end....instead he fell on his sword for the good of the country.

What we learned after is sickening. Remember the photo of the good citizens of Florida storming the board of elections office demanding a stop to the recount....you remember how it was plastered all over every newspaper in the country....

Later we learned each one of those people were GOP operatives, many of which from outside of Florida.

We were had.

The feeling today is familiar. We are being had.

Someone needs to tell the Democratic Senators that the moral high ground while noble, the fight is on the ground.
The GOP, Bannon and Stone are eating our lunch.

Dear Anonymous: Testify, under oath, answer questions BEFORE

you contact the media.

Because....women are people too...some people lie, even women.

House Republicans target DOJ, FBI for contempt....

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