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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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I went to the RNC last week and walked through the streets.

I had several interesting conversations, among them was with a tee shirt vendor selling very vitriolic messages. I asked how was business. She said just as I hoped. I said I understood she needed to make a living and hoped she would be voting for Hillary. She blinked and looked quite surprised and high fived me saying of course. I didn't buy anything from her, and moved on.

I talked with anti Hillary protestors wearing "Hilllary for Prison" tee shirts, some carrying bullhorns chanting "lock her up." They dressed like scruffy hippy types and were mostly young 20 somethings. I said I understood they needed to make a living- so is it worth it? One young man said he made more in 4 days than he did in 4 months.

Point being. It's probably a good idea for the WSJ, NYT, and other rags to disarm these demonstrators to learn who they really might be.

If Ninga can do this, anyone can.

Point being. It's very possible that printed stories might not contain the entire truth.

Ninga also says "painting with a broad brush leaves many bare spots on the wall"

No one thing is all

Bobby Kennedy and the Rev Martin Luther King are raising arms in

solidarity - casting their powerful aura and energy down on Bernie Sanders words and endorsement of Sec Clinton.

Listen dear citizens, and you will hear the words of a man of the people, who only ever wanted to hoist those at the bottom of the ladder onto his shoulders, and to a better life.

Comey is a clever and sophicicated snake-in-the-grass. He keeps

circulating back to his "opinion" and editoralizing re Sec Clinton's supposed judgement.

Lots of quotes for GOP fodder, unfortunately, not many of which will declare that no laws were broken.

Just crap.
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