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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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Bernie Sanders? Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, virtually unknown, has received nearly 9 million primary votes to date, that's who he is!

This is astounding. That his messages resonated with nearly 9 million people. The importance of this can not, and must not be left at the curb.

Hillary Clinton is known world wide. She is the most well-known woman in American politics.
To date, she is only 3 million popular votes ahead of Sanders. This is astounding. This is meaningful that she did not stop him, the unknown, in his tracks earlier in the primary season.

Bernie Sanders, the unknown, did not and does not have the support of many progressive Democrats, like Sen Sharrod Brown - very few to no nationally known progressives have taken the stage to stand in solidarity with Sanders and his message because the Clinton's spent their life time doing political favors, rasing money and collecting political chits to cash in for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Senators like Brown owe the Clintons. This is a simple and true fact.

Elizabeth Warren did not show up for Sanders, not because he and his message isn't valid or worthy, but because she blinked. Hedge for one second...and the moment is lost.

Who will step into Bernie Sanders shoes and lift the movement to their shoulders to carry it on?
That person will need to introduce themselves to the American primary voter, Sanders at their side.

While I am heart broken Sanders has not catapulted over Clinton, I am hopeful that this is time the progressive movement will not wither away...like it did with McGovern and the death of Bobby Kennedy...

Please tell me you are with me and won't go away...please tell me you are in it for the duration.

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