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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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I am sorry to say this, but there is no higher authority than President.

For some reason, Dear President Obama did not fully embrace the power of the office. He didn't use the internet or the bully pulpit to take to task the immediate challenge by the GOP to the validity of his election. He didn't understand that no matter what he did, the GOP would obstruct.

With Trump we see how the power of the Presidency has been resurrected. Trump doesn't do anything he doesn't want to and no one can or will tell him otherwise. And he does it boldly, out loud, and with no pretense.

Right before my very eyes I'm watching the dismantling of long-held traditions and the chaos of intermingling private security with the Secret Service.

For the handfew GOP who might question or challenge Trump's policies, they are in mortal danger of losing elections by being ripped apart on Britebart; GOP voters bible.

No press conference.
No tax returns.
No divesting of holdings.
No respect for the fact that we have only one president at a time.
No respect for diplomacy.
No repect for the truth,no qualms about lying each and every day.
No intention to stop fighting via Twitter.

He has the power to redefine what it means to be president, and he is freely, without obstruction, doing it right before our eyes.

Starting today, I am adopting a new term when speaking about the poser-in-chief.

It will be a new verb called being "Teena Colebrooked." Teena is the "sorry" Trump voter who lost her home at the hands of Trumps pick for Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

a new term for being screwed over by the poser-in-chief.

Here is how it could possibly be applied:

"Seniors have been Teena Colebrooked by the new Medicare Plan."

"The poser-in-chief Teena Colebrooked the environment."
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