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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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I was surprised to learn that Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

is attending Bibi's speech. I expected better from him.

What did the Dems do...have a little coffee talk amongst themselves to pick and choose who goes who doesn't?

Why, for once damn it, can't the week sister Dems take a collective stand? On something? Anything?

Hugely disappointed in Sen Brown.

Some days, the crazy just gets me down. The stupid GOP US House,

the Stupid GOP judges, the stupid talking points about the stupid ruling on Pres. Obama's immigration executive orders.

These stupid GOP people are however, very smart. They know that their brand of Stupid isn't caught by the most Stupid of all, American voters.

Not one person in my political inner circle fully understood the simple fact that the immigration executive orders did not take affect immediately (executed in Nov 2014) but dates well into 2015. This would have given the GOP the opportunity to write their own immigration bills.

Why this simple concept - why the words and behaviors - have not been comprehended by voters is disturbing, depressing, and worse of all, foreshadows that the stronghold the Stupid GOP has on messaging, has no end in sight. That's why.
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