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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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Sec Kerry addressing questions about ISIL -

Noticed a man in a red tie over Kerry's left shoulder sporting a "badge" clipped to his waist and ear piece. secret service ?

Here is a real journalist; not a corporate media hack.

$$$$$ has created soft, willing, political accomplices, now known as "the media"

Take 2:02 of your precious time to watch and weep, for our sad, sad state.

Edward r Morrow


Chuck Todd/NBC shameless, manipulative, editorializing, bullshit.

During Todd's interview of Pres. Obama, NBC uses "stock" photos that directly contradict the words of the President. NBC makes sure viewers see the "corporate news view." The viewers hear one thing while seeing a conflicting image.

Todd sneers in reaction to statements, rolls his eyes at others, if that isn't editorializing, then what is it?

This of course is bullshit and my reconciliation with network news, is off.

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