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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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Dear Pres Obama: Give um hell tonight, it's why we gave you a second term. Voters spoke.

We watched during your first term as the opposition manhandled your messages, slammed the door in your face and then took to the airwaves, doing all they could (successfully) to tear you down with their words.

But voters in 2012 got it, and understood the vicious nature of your detractors and wanted you to come out blazing in your second term..tonight is one of your last times to really give um hell on behalf of the people who voted for you.

Love you, and will be watching tonight with bated breath. I pray I will hear from you, the unexpected push back that would rock the talking heads to their core. The working poor and diminishing middle class are voiceless.

You have nothing to lose....we respect you...But most importantly of all..more than any speech can give we really need your advocacy.

Love, Ninga

Steve Kornacki previously reported AAA suing Port Authority over poll increases.

For all of you following Steve today, one of the main themes of what he is reporting on is how Christies appointees to the NJ Port Authority reallocated PA money to NJ Transportation fund for Christie's pet projects - many in communities that have Dem Mayors who love love love Christie for bringing infrastructure dollars to them.

1. He wants to run for Pres., he needs to get the attention of the nation- his plan requires him to have big ticket projects in NJ, but the transportation fund is dry, he need to replenish it and the Christie appointed big-wigs at PA help him. Christie then looks reaaaal good to low information voters who see grinning NJ Dems elbowing their way to his side for photo opps. Then he hugs Obama. He rises in the national polls. Check mark.

2. No story in the Christie saga is a small story - I believe they all connect, that is why this story is hugely important and worth following. The AAA smells something fishy and the smell is coming from dry land...


I am in love with Steve Kornacki, his compelling, riveting reporting translates

to the most incredible story telling - better than Homeland.

By the way, the all-New Jersey panel he had on this morning are all STELLAR examples of smart, focused, even handed public servants - including the one Republican.

Their statements, demeanor, respect and approach should be used in every Politics 101 class.

US Rep Rush Holt-D
State Assembly Member-Bonnie Watson Coleman-D
State Assembly Member-Michael Patrick Carroll R

Here we go..Rep CathyMcMorris Rodgers prepares her SOTU response in a photo op with her baby....

Check out the photo at the link......shades of Sarah Palin. GOP has no shame. And GOP women are worse than GOP men....

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), who will deliver the televised Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union speech next week, on Friday shared a photo of her text alongside an adorable aide -- her newborn Brynn Catherine.

"I've got my #SOTU remarks in one hand and 2-month old Brynn in another. It really doesn't get much better than this!" the chair of the House Republican Conference wrote in caption.


In 1944, a 14 yr old child was put to death by electric chair, right now

today, in SC a hearing is taking place to only determine if he was given "a fair trial."


I can't stop weeping.

Ezra Klein leaving WaPo

So smart and so articulate.

A report earlier this month indicated that Klein was planning an exit from the Post after he failed to win support from the newspaper's higher-ups for a website dedicated to a range of different topics.

In a memo that was obtained by Poynter, senior editor Tracy Grant told staffers that Klein is "looking to start his own news organization, an ambition that befits someone with uncommon gifts of perception and analysis."

Klein did not immediately respond to TPM's request for comment.

Since arriving at the Post in 2009 at the age of 24, Klein helped turn the newspaper's Wonkblog into a hugely successful online platform.

The memo also indicated that Melissa Bell and Dylan Matthews, who were also involved in Wonkblog, will be leaving with Klein.


Does the Christie story have legs? Three months from now will

people still be talking about Chrisite-gate?

I say YES! The Morning Sumbags are blubbering and slobbering giveing the gov a pass, by blaming Christies staff.

Said it before, have no problem saying it today....Mika is a media whore.

Christie! What a fucker! He "wouldn't have made a joke about the


THIS is the reason? So dear Du'ers lets think about this....it was OK for the bridge to be closed as long as he thought his staff wasn't involved.

This presser is very revealing. When he joked about the bridge being closed he never said one word about his constituents, was dismissive because SE HE NEVER THOUGHT HIS STAFF WAS INVOLVED??

Yikes! What a fucker. He didn't care the bridge was closed, right from the beginning. Never mind who gave the order.

Right from the start,when asked, Christy asserted it was no big deal...

Christy's "orange cone" statement (which by the way, every time I see the film clip it looks like he is *ugh* doing the mambo with his hand). Is a bold-faced attempt to minimize and say no big deal.

Fast forward to another film clip of him standing and making another bold-faced attempt at saying it's the national press making a big deal out of no big deal.

During the days the bridge was closed, the mayor of Ft. Lee NJ contacted the various NJ state departments to get to the bottom of the bridge closing, his calls were not returned.

The NJ State Democrats need to get behind the mayor of Ft. Lee, and I do mean behind as in a large group at a presser, and for once do the honorable thing and stand up against Christy.

As I once told a young woman who was complaining about her husband "Don't want to hear it...he's the guy you had to have."

So goes the NJ Democrats who endorsed Christy - Ninga sez...."he's the guy you had to have...now grow a pair, stand up for the mayor of Ft. Lee and make it right."

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