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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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I think that the extreme GOP gerrymandering might come back to bite

some GOP Congress Critters in the ass.

The GOP Governors who presided over the 2010 re-districting may have unwittingly set the stage for inter-party fighting between the Tea's and the G's. It is what I call "self-cannibalizing".

Actually, it is happening now, I hear the crunching of the bones of old timey GOP reps as they are being eaten by the screaming, crazy Tea's.

All I care about is that he gets a fair trial.

This is after all, America, the greatest nation.

Law enforcement didn't take him down, because we are a just society,truth seekers.

Fall out from violence, has left me shaken.

I either have too much time on my hand, or just can't move on from the events of this week without trying to make sense of it all. I read about the NRA's activism and lobbying efforts to keep tracer (taggants) elements out of gun powder and bullets, etc. And wonder if the results of the gun lobby success has enabled those who would harm us.

So I wondered who actually funds the NRA so I went to their web page and read about the big groups that help fund the NRA. I wondered if foreign nationals give money, but so far haven't found anything.

But one little thing I did find, bothered me to no end. An essay contest for kids, on why the second amendment is important....good grief...



I'm sorry, but I do not understand the game of chess.

I do not understand the goal or desired outcomes of chess.

I gather, that during the run-up to the Affordable Care Act, lots of chess was played to get it to pass.

I do know that voters in 2009 and 2010 were confused by the chess game playing and in Nov. 2010 many voters stayed home and/or supported the Tea guys. And we know how that turned out don't we.....mass gerrymandering...2010 was a big win for GOP.

So from what I am trying to read here on DU, lots of chess is going on with Bone-er, budgets, SS, chained CPI, and goodness knows what else.

If this keeps up, and voters once again are subjected to more chess playing talk and then the whole Chained CPI gets taken over by the headlines and screaming TV Heads, then 2014 suddenly doesn't look too good for our side.

In fact, it's started already.

Korea...just learned that a 3rd destroyer has been deployed...and

because this is the first time in history 3 such ships have been sent to an area....this feels so serious.

Each destroyer is accompanied by 30 smaller ships, which means 90 ships plus the big ones will soon be standing watch in the waters near Korea.

I learned this from a business conference call I was auditing today, as one of the members of the call was the wife of a sailor who was assigned to the 3rd destroyer now sailing for Korea, and not returning until Oct. 11th....in telling us, she became upset.

None of the folks on the conference call knew what to say or how to respond, because her remarks were out-of-the-blue and somewhat anti-Obama as she was asserting that he was mis-handling Korea.

Most of us on the call are associates that share the same politics. I was very grateful that the response was mostly silence, and thankfully, no one tried to "set her straight".... or paper over her concern. I quickly emailed one of the participants suggesting that a softly delivered comment about how we hope that "diplomatic work is being done around the clock and that sending 3 destroyers may be a part of the strategy we don't have the privilege of knowing"...might be reassuring to her....the remarks were made...but she was too far gone in her weeping to hear.

Oh man. I am now more nervous about Korea than before.......what a world.

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