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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,469

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Seth was fab, and Our Dear First Lady out of context. Really

why was she involved?

She was beautiful and articulate and out of place...

Just my opinion.

I am soooooo sick of early morning blah blah blah....somewhere

there MUST be a smart TV producer who gets it....

The same faces and voices over and over and over with nothing new or engaging or smart need to be challenged, can be challenged and should be challenged.

With the million and two cable stations available you would think SOMEONE would seize the ripe opportunity.

"Major media" is the head of the rotten fish.

It is my opinion that the retreads featured on the Sunday morning "news" have been given too much power by the lazy media. As long as such shills as Graham & McCain are given a platform week after week to spew their garbage, this country will stay stuck.

The rotten fish is the GOP controlled Congress, tossed together with any number of Blue Dog weak Dem's, and kept alive by the head of the fish, major media.

Will this ever change?

Robert Gibbs answer to Lawrence O'Donnell ?

I cannot find Gibbs quick "no problem here" response to Larry's concern about Simpson/Boles/Medicare.

Any words of wisdom on this?
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