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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,465

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Ah ha! Turdly said he was personal friends with Barr! Nt

Looks like more than a few Londoners have showed up to protest Trump. Bless them. Nt

Ambassador Taylor is doing an exquisite job with his statement. Speaking in clear English, using

direct and simple words. Even the most stupidest fuck should be able to understand.

Well today, Nov 7 is "national Warren hatchet job" day. Morning Joe has devoted anti Warren

segments for the entire program, starting with Steve Rattner. The WaPo and NYT feature anti Warren columns. The name calling of Warren’s M4A proposal by Scarborough this morning was very disturbing.

If they had any balls they would give her the same amount of time to talk in depth about her proposal.

So disturbing.

Is Sen Warren formidable? Does she have what it takes to win over voters.? Even moderates?

This 2015 article sheds light on how she approaches the work of the Senate.


Warren's real power lies in her outsized influence, not just for a freshman senator, but for virtually any elected official in Washington. Her pen may not have touched many pieces of legislation that made their way to Obama's desk since her election in 2012, but her fingerprints are all over them.

Warren would be a strong spokeswoman for the party in Congress or outside of it; she spurred creation of a federal agency—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau— without the title of "senator" in front of her name. But allies say Warren's best tool is her seat at the committee table in the Senate. Through hearings on the Senate Banking Committee in particular, Warren's questioning and persistence has lead to rules changes at various federal agencies without needing to get legislation through a Republican-controlled Congress. Most notably, Warren successfully pushed the SEC to require banks to admit wrongdoing in negotiating many settlements.



The health care delivery systems is a mess because of Richard Nixon.

While written in 2017, this article is relevant more than ever.


In 1973, Nixon did a personal favor for his friend and campaign financier, Edgar Kaiser, then president and chairman of Kaiser-Permanente. Nixon signed into law, the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973, in which medical insurance agencies, hospitals, clinics and even doctors, could begin functioning as for-profit business entities instead of the service organizations they were intended to be. And which insurance company got the first taste of federal subsidies to implement HMOA73 … *gasp* … why, it was Kaiser-Permanente! What are the odds? It’s all right here to read for yourself.

And to perfectly cement HMOA73 as the profiteering boondoggle that it actually was, the law Nixon mandated also included clauses that encouraged medical providers to not CURE afflictions, but to PROLONG them by only treating the symptoms. There’s no money to be made in CURING sickness. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to forcing people to endure repetitive doctor visits, endless (and often useless and redundant) tests, and … of course … let’s not forget the ever-increasing demand for American-made prescription drugs!


Is This Us?


Last paragraph
“Their best chance at winning next November is to have a spirited primary, figure out who their strongest candidate is and then unite behind that person. And stop telling themselves catastrophe is inevitable.”

Letter To The Editor opportunity.

The first “Brooks Bros” riot took place in 2000. It was pitched as Floridians protesting the Bush/Gore recount. The iconic photo showing supposedly average Floridians rushing the door of the Board of Elections were, in fact, not average Floridians, but many of which were GOP operatives from other states.
The most infamous person in that photo is Roger Stone.

Fast forward to yesterday, the GOP tried once again to appear as the Everyman with the second attempt at such a “protest.” It was a failed effort that rolled off the mountain like a giant boulder.
It was the typical GOP suppression tactic. The Congressman who blindly followed Matt Gaetz violated their oath of office and need to be voted out.

Why? Because history has demonstrated over and over that the GOP are the masters of cheating and voter suppression.

Sen Warren is cut from the same cloth as Speaker Pelosi.

Whip smart, tough, able to take a blow, speaks truth to power.

I like Liz. I think her strengths and positives far outweigh any shortcomings.

The photo of our Speaker standing at the table, spine straight, answers and comments honorable,
has made an indelible impression that will live in history.

That photo conveys authority. The authority of a woman confidently conveying strength.

Elizabeth Warren and Walter Reuther.

My dad walked the streets in Detroit to help support the union movement.

For the first 10 years of my life, many times we went 3 to 4 months with no money because my dad was on strike. Our family sacrificed a lot for what turned out to be the greater good.

Many times he worried because he had no assurances that the movement would succeed, but he always said we have to try and make things in the workplace better for all workers. And the man who was my dad was as much a patriot as the man who took up the arms of war.

Walter Reuther was a Leader among others who had a vision and used the power of his ideas to start a movement that many thought impossible. It wasn’t the Democrats or a
Republicans that gave us an 8 hr workday, it was the strikers of the union movement.

Many years later, my husband had a white collar position at Ford Motor Co in Dearborn Mi. The auto workers division went on strike for several weeks, with no pay, while my husband who was not in the union, continued to work and get paid. Ultimately, when the strike was settled, the white collar workers received some of the benefits of the new contract without having to break a sweat.

Fast forward to Memorial Day and the 4th of July. People line the parade routes waving the American Flag feeling patriotic. They stand when the American Flag passes as a sign of respect.
Is feeling patriotic the same thing as being patriotic?

Now we have Elizabeth Warren who is whip smart and sees the need for the greater good still exists. She says she has a plan, actually many of them. They are comprised of many intertwined parts and pieces. The plans require the support of patriots who do not have to take up arms to fight, or to go without a paycheck for months on end, but to re arrange their budgets, pay much less here and more there but at the end of the year, come out ahead.

To many this is frightening. They do not understand that the greater good requires trust, some sacrifice and Solidarity.

Elizabeth Warren may be the right person at the right time, or she may be too futuristic.

Only time and patriots will tell.

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