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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,389

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Fires are burning this primary season. The smoke is overwhelming.

Burning bridges is the cause of the overwhelming smoke...smoke clouds the vision.

Burned bridges permanently removes the ability to retrace steps and reconsider the path not taken.

I have not racked up big numbers of discussions here at DU - I've only been here since 2003. But I sure have seen a lot, heard a lot and changed my views a lot.

I check in with DU everyday and can not figure out for the life of me what this place will sound like once the Democratic nominee has been settled on...

Will hate continue to reign? Will passions subside and be replaced with apathy? Will people go away, never to return and post again?

Will a Republican win in the fall and give us Citizens United Part Two? Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a female Anton Scalia or Clarence Thomas?

All of the yelling and screeching and name calling and he said/she said going on now, foreshadows passionate people staying home on election day - because burned bridges will do that.

Hillary Clinton is a warrior.

She has traveled more bumpy roads than anyone else in public life.

While she may not like being hauled in to face the same questions asked twelve ways to Sunday,
she has faced much much worse.

She will prevail. She has this.

The GOP is not interested in anything other than gotcha politics. Maybe the result of this hearing will be the voting public finally seeing what slime balls they are.

Whether you support her or not, she deserves our best wishes and supportive energies in her effort to slay the GOP dragon.

I am a strong, life long Democrat. I intend to support

Bernie Sanders in the primary.


I support Bernie because of his stand up, progressive values and his stellar history of never wavering from his values.

Voting for him will demonstrate that the progressive movement is large and loud. Not some fringe, hippy element. We need our progressive values represented.

If Bernie's numbers are shockingly high then he will be able to leverage that into policy.

If Hillary is the nominee, then she can stand on the shoulders of the progressive movement knowing there are millions who support such values.

Chris Christie.

A lesson for my teen aged grandchildren.

"If you want to see your future, look at your friends"

FOC. Friends of Chris. David Wilstein, yesterday, implicated Bridget Kelly and Bill Barroni.

These FOC, under the spell of Christies abusive and controlling personality, chose to take a risk (probably many) and never had the balls to walk away from the big pay checks and the prestige of being associated so closely with the Governor of New Jersey.

My guess is that these FOC are not in the same scumbag as Christie. It will be a shame of volcanic proportions if Christie is untouched by either "bridge gate" or how Storm Sandy Federal dollars were diverted to pet projects.

Memo to Gov. Howard Dean: Citizen's United is the answer.

Dear Dr Dean:

First, reassert your self-respect and NEVER again be the whipping boy of Joe Scarborough. Do you really need "Howard Dean is an MSNBC contributor" money? The way you were treated this morning was embarrassing, demeaning and down right abusive.

Second, the answer to EVERY question about "Clinton Cash" and every other swift boating of Democrats is " Citizens United."

Via the Citizens Untied ruling, corporate money has been declared by the U.S. Supremes to be free speech.

From now on, Dr Dean, just take Ninga's advice (no charge) and simply answer every "Clinton Cash" loaded question with "Citizens United." Ask the idiots if they understand that today, foreign corporations funnel truck loads of money into PAC's and influence elections, candidates and sitting politicians. It is the only talking point needed.

You are welcome.

I was surprised to learn that Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

is attending Bibi's speech. I expected better from him.

What did the Dems do...have a little coffee talk amongst themselves to pick and choose who goes who doesn't?

Why, for once damn it, can't the week sister Dems take a collective stand? On something? Anything?

Hugely disappointed in Sen Brown.

Some days, the crazy just gets me down. The stupid GOP US House,

the Stupid GOP judges, the stupid talking points about the stupid ruling on Pres. Obama's immigration executive orders.

These stupid GOP people are however, very smart. They know that their brand of Stupid isn't caught by the most Stupid of all, American voters.

Not one person in my political inner circle fully understood the simple fact that the immigration executive orders did not take affect immediately (executed in Nov 2014) but dates well into 2015. This would have given the GOP the opportunity to write their own immigration bills.

Why this simple concept - why the words and behaviors - have not been comprehended by voters is disturbing, depressing, and worse of all, foreshadows that the stronghold the Stupid GOP has on messaging, has no end in sight. That's why.

Please someone. Explain to me how people close to Chris Christie

have "lawyered" up, been served by the Feds and are possible targets....and Christie is clean???

In the interview Steve Kornacki had with WNBC reporter Brian Thompson, Thompson said that Christie is not a target so far, and that he volunteered to talk with the Feds. Thompson said that if Christie WERE a target of the Feds, such a such a sit-down would not have happened.

Is Christie going to walk?

How many times can a person be killed?

1. By questionable means at the very hands of those who are supposed to be protectors.

2. By a system that allows "prosecutors" to control the grand jury oversight of one of their own.

3. By the media.

4. And now, killed once again, by the supposed protectors who blame free speech demonstrators, a mayor and every other person, animal or thing, except themselves.

Has the pendulum finished swinging to its most extreme height?

Morning Joke=Eddie Haskell=change the channel

I freely admit that MSNBC has been my morning background noise for years.
No longer. It's been off 3 weeks now.

The production concept is an epic failure, trying to bring late night-talk show style programming with political over tones to morning TV - in the Morning Joe style, is stale. The boring inner circle of backslappers along with the syphancont Mika - have become a cartoon.

While many of you are smarter than me - abandoning Morning Joke long ago - I have to be honest, having MSNBC on was a bad habit.

Joe has ALWAYS portrayed Ed Haskell to me - I had long held hope that Mika would provide the counter balance - but no - her role continues to be sexualized, body language and her deference to Joe along with promo photos shows that - and she has allowed herself to become the biggest cartoon of all of them - sickening because I think she is smarter than allowed to be.

i hope the Eddie Haskell sinking ship doesn't take down the entire lineup.

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