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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,470

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Taped the NBC town hall and went to take a look

and saw two women seated behind him aggressively nodding in support during trumplethinskins blustery lying.
Looks like NBC got owned by GOP operatives who brought in at least 2 people who continuously demonstrated overt head nodding support.
Just ugh

Any woman who can stand next to Drumpf and let him fawn all over her has no business sitting

on the Supreme Court.

Edit for spelling

Hope every Senate Democrat votes a resounding "no" on seating Barrett on the Supreme Court.

The American people must see the GOP force this woman on the American people for a very very long time.

RBG will be a footnote in history when Barrett starts voting with Thomas/Alito.

Makes. Me. Sick. At heart.

I urge DU members to contact their Senators to vote no on the Barrett nomination.

She may be book smart, but she is unfit in terms of judgement.
Her judgement is reflected in how she chose to answer.

1. She said she would “need to hear arguments” about whether President Trump can postpone the election!

2. whether a president could pardon himself, she declined to say how she’d decide!

3. Her rulings as an appellate judge specifically regarding felons retaining second amendment gun rights, that a supervisor in a work environment using the “N” word does not promote racist attitudes are two very revealing rulings pointing to her judgement.

4. The fact she lied in not knowing if trump knew about her conservative anti abortion anti ACA writings when she had made the short list of the Federalist Society.

Sen Lee just gave credence to INCREASING the number of SCoTUS. He said

Isn’t it difficult for 9 justices to represent the views of 330,000,000 million Americans?

I say yes Sen Lee! Thank you. I’m letting Joe Biden know immediately your rationalization for increasing the size of the Supreme Court. Biden can play the quote during his announcement to increase the Court.

Sen Durbin thank you! Great questioning re gun rights vs Voting rights.

She voted yea for non violent felon gun rights.
She voted no for felon voting rights.

Good grief Feinstein!!! Barrett HAS expressed her view on abortion in A PUbLIC newspaper!!!

She already has stated her views!!


Nominee Barrett has a Phyllis Schlafly vibe not so much in appearance, but in presence and


She is sweetly slick.

I nominate Sen Elizabeth Warren to the

Judiciary Committee to fill the seat vacated bythenew VP Kamala Harris

Excuse me, but really? Susan Page? I want to ask you a question. Let's imagine that

Sen Kamala Harris was the moderator for such a debate as you were last night.

How do you think she would have handled super fly Pence constantly disregarding time and filibustering on and on?

I say she would have stood up announcing that the debate would be suspended until he gave his word to stop.

You, Ms Page, looked like a Pence sycophant.
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