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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 09:34 AM
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Tax Bill still needs to go back to the House!!


6) If the Senate passes the bill, the House could either take it up and pass it as is or the two chambers could enter into conference negotiations to produce a new plan.

Both the Senate and House would need to pass the conference bill, which requires 50 votes again in the Senate and a bare majority, 218 members, in the House.

Calling, emailing, texting, oh my! Didn't make a dent.

Massive demonstrations in cities across the country is what we need to do.

This tax bill still has to be merged with the House, before becoming final.

2018 is too late.

We falsely relied on Republicans of good will...Susan, Lisa, John, Jeff...

We can't wait for voter apathy to awaken.

Saying here and now, 2018 is too late.

Ps. I was a two term elected official. I've work on the ground for state federal and local office seekers. I've contributed to campaigns (lastest Doug Jones).

We are in a time of crisis that requires big, bold steps. Either recognize it, own it, or perish.

In the morning, resesrching the process to recall our

Senator Portman - R Oh
Iím exhausted from being politically exhausted
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