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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,629

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My political life is in a holding pattern much like an airplane circling the New York skies waiting

for clearance to land at LaGuardia.

I keep hearing that a gate has opened and I can prepare for landing, except, it’s only false hope because it never happens.

Lots of gates have potential for opening, but for some unknown reason they never do.

I am in suspended animation. It all started with “Fitzmas”

Mueller? Comey? Flynn? 2 Impeachment trials? Cyrus Vance? Jan 6? DOJ? Lots of potential no fruition.

I am preparing to work very hard on the 2022 election and will support Democrats in other states.
Until then, if you need me, just check the New York skies over LaGuardia.

Very informative article regarding Covid rates among unvaccinated.


A case study from Washington State.

“These adjusted numbers paint a far less optimistic picture: Washington’s case rate among unvaccinated people is as high as it was in late January, near the peak of Covid infections.”

I'm feeling ambivalent about the truth. If more people know the truth than the people who don't,

and the truth knowers don’t vote, then what good is served knowing the truth.

Chauvin trial question.

Did The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on George Floyd view the videos that prosecution witnesses Testified they watched?

Infrastructure bill debate.

A certain Senator states objections to raising the corporate income tax in the Biden Infrastructure bill.

He says that raising the corporate rate, from current 21% to 28 % is too much!! He objects on behalf of corporations.
That Senator is Joe Manchin D- WV

I will be contacting his office to ask that why he is defending corporations objections to paying their fair share. What’s the deal?

From 1993 to 2018, the corporate tax rate was 35%. The former president lowered it to 21% in 2018! President Biden wants it raised to 28%. Manchin says no.
Our budget deficit exploded in 1987 when Reagan reduced the corporate tax rate to 40%.

A bit of history regarding corporate tax rates.

1968 53% Hikes paid for Great Society and Vietnam War
1970 49%. Nixon Recession
1971 48% Cut to fight recession
1979 46% Carter Cut to offset high interest rates
1987 40% Reagan Tax Reform Act
1988 34% Cut to fight recession.
1993 35% Clinton Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
2018 21% Trump Tax Act goes into effect

Somebody needs to do an end-run-around and talk directly to West Virginia voters.

1. Has Sen Manchin been truthful about the coal industry not coming back? Has he talked about it or avoided it or made statements that sounded like it could, would, should?

2. How has supporting guns and being anti choice put food on your table? Has it gotten you a skilled, well paying job?

3. Did you know that West Virginia is in the top five of states taking the most Federal Assistance?

4. Did you know that Sen Manchin is not sure a $15.00 minimum wage is such a good thing?

5. Did you know the Blue states pay more in Federal taxes then they receive back. Did you know the Federal money flowing into your state comes mostly from tax payers who are Democrats?

Ack! Shut up Cruz! Icky creepy Cruz speechifying about AG's under previous Democratic


Such a repulsive creep.

OMG...McConnell REFUSED to call the Senate back before Jan 20, and SPECIFICALLY stated he

would REFUSE to accept the House Articles of Impeachment before Jan 20.

Give him the hook, pull the coward out of the Chamber.

Disgusting. Mc Connell is the evil version of Eddie Haskell.

How did Sen Manchin vote? N/t

There is no comfort in being right, listening to

balled faced lies, over and over and over.

If the outcome is predetermined. I get no comfort from pointing out that the clown car defense is awful, a joke, unprepared.
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