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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2003, 09:49 AM
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Can those people be removed?? This is embarrassing.

Joe Biden is right. Bernie supporters worked hard, let them be frustrated for a little while longer.

I thought Joe Biden hit the right note.

Why does the MSM have a hard on for Hillary?

I was so inspired and refreshed by the convention last night. I went to bed feeling so up about Hillary. I felt like nearly all of the speakers hit the mark and I felt like I know her better today than I did yesterday.

I got up this morning and started flipping around to see what the morning shows were saying. CNN was OK, CBS? MSNBC? They must have been at some other convention. All they could do was pick apart the speeches and speculate that POSSIBLY Wikileaks has more to reveal and how that would hurt Clinton.

WTF?? I didn't watch the GOP convention coverage, did they do that to Donald??

My 85 year old mother just told me how thrilled she is

that she lived to see a black man be President and, God willing, she will see a woman President.

That was pretty cool.

Do we need hard core Bernie supporters?

Everybody keeps saying we need to get the Bernie supporters on board.

Do we? Really? Do we need them?

Cause I am feeling NOT.

What is the job of the DNC?

I read on FB someone who was saying that the DNC support of Hillary is illegal and there should be charges filed. That doesn't sound right to me. I thought the committees were essentially clubs that we join to support our political candidates from. They can pretty much do what they want, can't they? Isn't that what the whole super delegate thing is? The way they can make sure their guy gets in no matter what we do?

So, i started actively supporting Hillary and...

I swear, I get more push back from Dems than I do from Republicans.

I am sorry, I know there is a wealth of information here and I could find what I need to know with some research. I tried google, but I am not finding why DEMS keep calling her corrupt. I got all the Whitewater/Benghazi/email BS, but only from hard right sites. And most of that is just crap. That shouldn't affect Dems, right?

Can somebody please give me a brief primer on why Dems would say Hillary is corrrupt and do it without snark? I am trying to defend my choices to friends who seem to feel adamantly, though vaguely, that she is just icky. Which is weird to me, cause I didn't think there was anything ickier than Donald Trump.

I am really not trying to start a war here. I am basically a farmer who gets up at 6 am and works their ass off all day. I am already 20 minutes past my bedtime and exhausted and just trying to figure this all out.

I am going to start actively supporting Hillary.

She was not my first choice. She was not even my second choice. I am not a Hillary Hater, I just couldn't get excited about her. My main issue is inequality and I felt other people spoke to that more eloquently than she.

But there are worse things than Hillary Clinton and the GOP is nominating one of them.

So I am moving on and going to actively support Hillary. I can't throw my vote away this year in a grand gesture. I would ask anyone thinking of doing so to really consider the consequences. A Hillary Presidency may not suit your political aesthetic; a Donald Presidency would likely be an unmitigated disaster for all of us.
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