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Always an out in the media for republicans.

It's not just the "far right" as he says but republicans in general who are being duped by Putin. They just refuse to own up to anything they fuck up, which, politically speaking, is just about everything these days.

I'm sure they would be happy to be able to persecute men and women here for being gay, lesbian or transgender. In their lust for blood they apparently don't want to see just how badly they are being manipulated.

Sadly, most of these people will wake up tomorrow and continue being the same assholes just as they were today. These fellow Americans... these repug types... love America... other than its people and its diversity of culture. But by God they love America!

The absurdity of the republican mindset grows ever more ridiculous with each passing day and I suspect we are going to be shown just how low they are willing to go. I think, however, that every time one of us tells them to fuck off when they spout their conservative bullshit it throws them off guard. Let's keep it up and this last ditch effort to install the fascists will fail miserably because we are laughing at them and spitting on their ideology whenever they try to legitimize their version of idiocracy. Don't let them get a toe hold anywhere.
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