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Missed it by that much |.|

Being wealthy doesn't automatically exclude one from being a citizen. Taibi is referring to an attitude that many of the 1% feel no obligation to the countries in which they live - let alone the world in which they live. Is that the point of humanity? To create the king or queen bee while the rest serve their needs or drown in poverty? Or is it to have a democracy in which the majority can find a place in which the needs of the community are considered important along side the needs of the individual? Or is it something else? It isn't wealth that determines what ideology one should follow. That's a matter of personal integrity. It seems that Taibi is pointing out a host of reprobates currently running rather large corporate empires that feel they can do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences that ripple out from their privileged position. That's not a consequence of wealth but a consequence of low character.
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