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Profile Information

Name: Denise Lang-Browne
Gender: Female
Hometown: La Luz, NM
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Thu Jul 31, 2003, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,989

About Me

I'm running for New Mexico State Senate District #33. I ran for NM State Representative 4 years ago and feel more of a need to run, to pick up votes up and down ballot for Democrats in my state and at the national level. My DU family provided much support 4 years ago (much with the help of our beloved Pinboy3niner) and I know I can count on support now. We're in this together. I have received the endorsements/support of Planned Parenthoood Votes New Mexico; AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees; NEA National Education Association of New Mexico; AFT-NM American Federation of Teachers New Mexico; Sierra Club; and named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. I was concerned in my interviews as I shared that I was running a Combined Campaign to elect Democrats up and down ballot, that I would not provide only my campaign information but always include information for (especially, because she is in a very tight race) US Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, President Biden and all the local state senate, state representatives, county clerk, treasurer and commissioner. I worked hard to get a full ballot of Democrats, first time in over 25 years. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/committee-to-elect-denise-lang-browne-1

Journal Archives

Duer duhneece with some good news-Success!

On Aug 2nd the city held a special meeting to discuss the passing of a resolution declaring it a ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’. One of the people who came to speak in support is the opponent of our Democratic candidate, one of our Combined Campaign candidates, Sharonlee Cummins.

This Republican candidate was at the Jan 6 insurrection… misogynist and traitor.

His partner is the city commissioner who put the city resolution forward, and this special meeting was just a free campaign rally (free for them, but at a cost to the taxpayer) for Sharonlee’s opponent. Sharonlee Cummins is OUR candidate and will stop the hateful rhetoric that can been seen in this video where he spoke in favor of the audit of the 2020 election, calling us fringe extremist leftists and telling us to move. This from a man who has only lived here a year and a half.

Despite majority opposition to the resolution, it passed 5-2, with two of the men voting for it not even being elected, but appointed, to their seats.

This commission underestimated the anger of one constituent. Ashlie Myers is one of the younger folks we’ve connected with since before the R v W through rallies; she read the city charter and found out that a petition could be started forcing a special election to decide whether to keep or trash the resolution. She put the call out and a community came together to support her.

The far right here tried to sabotage the petition efforts via social media and official Republican party emails.

Here is the post the R City Commissioner made on his public Facebook page used for his commission seat.

Here is the email the Chairman of the Republican Party of Otero County, NM sent out officially to everyone on their mailing list.

Despite the county chair inciting his fellow republicans to commit fraud, Ashlie Myers and our team got enough signatures! This resolution is now in the hand of the people.


The county also recently passed a resolution that was exactly the same as the city's. Stephanie Dubois is running against a forced birth opponent to fill in the seat Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin is vacating.

We need to make sure that Republicans don’t win. The combined campaign of Stephanie Dubois and Sharonlee Cummins will help us keep these far right nuts from taking over our town!

In the middle of all of this, we made a Tik Tok video with our Marine superstar State Rep candidate…fun and it introduced her to many of these young activists we’ve been able to connect with. I’ll try to post when I learn how to share that.
We’re fantasizing about billboards so one activist said she’d try a Tik Tok video.

We’re really close to being able to turn this long-time red county BLUE! Agonizingly close, closer than we’ve ever been. As a long-time member of our local Democratic Party, and for as hard and with so many varied approaches, we’re a mostly over-50 group…BUT WITH YOUR HELP, WE’RE CHANGING THAT. We elders are learning so much, turning over tasks/projects to folks who are showing us how to get it done with our help. Heady, intoxicating days here…after some really hard time.

We made the state news…DUer duhneece with my head down, calling or texting folks to come down:
“Community members opposed to the resolution said their voice wasn’t heard.

“The message that it sends is divisiveness. The message that it sends is, 'we don't want you here if you are pro-choice.' And that's crazy. We all have differences. It's not a black-and-white issue. And this is not partisan to me at all," Myers said.
"Alamogordo City Council recently listened to the people of Alamogordo and took a stand on our God given right to life and passed a resolution declaring Alamogordo a 'sanctuary city for the unborn' which outraged a few residents," said the Republican Party of Otero County in an email.


Don't forget to help by donating to Stephanie DuBois: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dufordubois22

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