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Profile Information

Name: Denise Lang-Browne
Gender: Female
Hometown: La Luz, NM
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Thu Jul 31, 2003, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,989

About Me

I'm running for New Mexico State Senate District #33. I ran for NM State Representative 4 years ago and feel more of a need to run, to pick up votes up and down ballot for Democrats in my state and at the national level. My DU family provided much support 4 years ago (much with the help of our beloved Pinboy3niner) and I know I can count on support now. We're in this together. I have received the endorsements/support of Planned Parenthoood Votes New Mexico; AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees; NEA National Education Association of New Mexico; AFT-NM American Federation of Teachers New Mexico; Sierra Club; and named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. I was concerned in my interviews as I shared that I was running a Combined Campaign to elect Democrats up and down ballot, that I would not provide only my campaign information but always include information for (especially, because she is in a very tight race) US Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, President Biden and all the local state senate, state representatives, county clerk, treasurer and commissioner. I worked hard to get a full ballot of Democrats, first time in over 25 years. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/committee-to-elect-denise-lang-browne-1

Journal Archives

86'd on Christmas Day by (ex) boyfriend

I dated Bob 40 years ago, 20 years ago and now weíve been together for 2 years. While he was apolitical before, he became a strong Democrat and drove me around as I canvassed for our new Congresswoman Xochitl Small. Last night I was at his and his 88 year old fatherís house to eat the meal we bought (already cooked) with his right wing, Fox loviní sister and ex- girlfriend, who cleans for his father and lives with his sister. Father said prayer and here is where I stoked the fires unnecessarily: I quoted Matthew 2 verse 12 about Jesus Joseph and Mary having to escape violence in their own country and went to Egypt. His sister started fuming, announced no one should leave but should stay and fix their own country. I said I was talking about Biblical story and I turned to the father and asked him about the farmer who used a whip against him. Sister started yelling the uncle (I knew nothing about an uncle) never was violent. Boyfriend never looked at me from the time they walked in. Ex girlfriend never said a word to me. I asked sister if she wanted me to leave, she looked at Bob and told him to tell me to back off. I asked him if I should leave. He said yes. I asked him what Iíd done wrong. He said everything. I recognize that I was pushing buttons. I couldnít help it. I also (unreasonably, unrealistically?) want a man who is loyal to me. I also think the women walked in ready for fight. Iím not even asking for advice or agreement from DU, just expressing my hurt, disappointment (in me and him) Iím trying not to think and obsess about what to do or say, just to be still, grieve over lost relationship and take care of myself. On second thought, I could really use some advice.
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