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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

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A question for my fellow DUers, and my personal answer.

If and when and hopefully SOON, Donald Trump is removed from office, are you willing to give Mike Pence the benefit of the doubt as he assumes his new job?

MY answer is, of course, Hell F**k NO!

I see Pence as a religious nut job who signed discrimination and hatred and homophobia into law in Indiana. I see Mike Pence as an irredeemable ass kissing yes man who surrendered any particle of dignity that he might have ever had in exchange for his position hitched to the malignant Donald Trump "star." If I'd have had any respect for Mike Pence before, it would've disappeared the moment I saw the video of a meeting where he saw Trump put his water bottle on the floor and he followed suit immediately. And Republicans had a shit fit when President Obama got mustard on a cheeseburger? Jeezis!

If anything, I believe that Mike Pence may be even worse since he has just enough of a coating of smarm to him that he just might be able to con just enough voters to prolong the Trump/Pence nightmare until 2024.

I remember back in August of 1974 when new President Ford addressed the nation for the first time after Tricky Dickie's resignation, he concluded his remarks by saying "My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over." I felt a level of hope then that I'd never be able to feel with a creature of Mike Pence's nature. For all of Ford's faults, he was so much better a person than friggin' Mike Pence.

It was the most that I ever believed in a Republican president. I was born when IKE was in office but JFK is the first president that I remember. As sheerly awful as the other Republicans have been in my lifetime, I NEVER thought that Nixon, Reagan, Bush the first and Bush the worst were loyal to a hostile foreign power. Now we know that when Donald Trump says "America First," he's answering the question "which country should surrender to Russia?"

While saying nothing good about Reagan, whom my father always accurately referred to as Senile Sam, one thing that can't be denied is that he despised the Russians. He'd be furious to see the Republican party, which had been called the party of Reagan for some 35 years, become the party of Putin. I don't really care if some Republicans give lip service to criticizing Trump's treason. They've spent the last two years following him blindly to get any slack from me now.

SO, am I willing to give Mike Pence the benefit of the doubt when he assumes the presidency? Again, Hell f**k NO!


I joined DU in July of 2003.

in that 15 years I have fewer than 10,000 posts, so I'm not a frequent contributor.

For the past several years I've ended my posts with "PEACE!" as a tribute to a deceased DUer whom always ended her posts in that way. I will continue to do so after the Trump junta is over.

However, I refuse to allow the opposition to dictate to me that I should be "civil" while they cheer brown children being put into concentration camps.

It is a very small, admittedly overdue and mostly insignificant modification, but for the foreseeable future I'll be ending my posts with "RESIST!"

It's one small additional way that I'll be holding to my resolution that was made the moment I heard Wolf Blitzer's barf worthy 11/8/16 announcement that Donald Trump had been "elected", that I would do something every single day to protest the Trump/Pence obscenity that was perpetrated upon us by the Russians and a news media that continually fawned over Trump and ceaselessly obsessed over Hillary Clinton's emails.

My son is 18 and black. If (when) Donald Trump starts a war to cover his "239" pound ass from his own scandals, I'm throwing his little round ass into my Honda and driving him up to Canada. Fuck them all in this horrible misadministration!

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