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MarianJack's Journal
MarianJack's Journal
November 10, 2014

A "just for the S&Gs" poll for Fleetwood Mac fans

I think that most would agree that, in their hay day, Fleetwood Mac was definitely a group that was MADE by it's women. So, were you a bigger fans of the Stevie Nicks songs, the Christine McVie songs, a little of each or were you not a fan? If you'd like, which was your favorite song or songs?

November 9, 2014

I am so tired of quarter assed pundits being treated like geniuses for any baloney they spew out!

Today, at Political Wire, there was a link to a story that pronounced that the Democratic "bench" was greatly thinned by the outcome of the 2014 elections. Yeh, right!

Don't get me wrong. I know that there is a need for some significant overhauling after the ass kicking that we took (and that the media worked HARD for), but the bench being thinned? Please. We have to learn how to get our voters to the polls for midterms the way that the teabaggers do!

To accept that the bench has been thinned, we'd have to accept a premise that nobody ever wins an election after losing one. We ALL know that this is pure grade A BS.

Does anyone seriously think that we've heard the last of Michelle Nunn? Or Alison Grimes? Or Wendy Davis? Up here in Maine we have some great candidates who lost last Tuesday whom I expect to have very bright futures in elective office, especially Shenna Bellows. Shenna lost to Susan Collins in a very one sided way, but she did run a campaign that is totally consistent with Democratic ideals and values. She reminds me of a young Elizabeth Warren and my wife and I would follow her lead ANYWHERE. We have that much faith in her.

I won't link to the BS, but the piece that I'm referring to is at the Political Wire website. It seems that all you have to do in the early 21st century is to stick your head up, say "I'm a pundit", and then you can have any piece of horse hockey (thank you, Col. Potter of " Mash&quot you spew taken as wisdom at face value. Well I'm not the docile Democrat that the Republicans/teabaggers, little Chickie Todd or the rest of the media wants. When I see nonsense like this, I'm going to be calling BULLSHIT!!!

Just my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


November 6, 2014

And so the massive Republican/teabagger over interpretation of results begins,...

...and is being aided by the media. Of course, as I stated yesterday, the media has worked hard to manufacture this result.

So now I'm reading that Rand Paul has interpreted the results as a repudiation of Hillary Clinton, the Republicans/teabaggers are believing that their prospects for 2016 have improved (after all, big Republican/teabagger mid term wins in 1994 & 2010 swept them into the White House in 1996 & 2012...errr...OOOPS!) and we Democrats have to do a lot of "soul searching" after the outcomes.

Let me get this straight, after 2008, the Republicans/teabaggers have a huge convention where we get the pleasure of seeing Rush Limbaugh jumping up & down on what must have been a specially reinforced stage before proclaiming the glorious victory of the conservative cause. Then after 2012, they do a study on how to re-connect with voters and determine that they have to do...NOTHING!

Bur WE have to "soul search". Well I say FUCK THEM! We're right and they're wrong and and they can go fuck themselves, the horses they rode in on and the turds that those horses are about to try to dump on America!

Maybe Rand Paul thinks that if he's in a debate with Hillary (or any other Democrat) that if given a hard question he'll be able to drop a cheeseburger on his podium and run away and then be elected president because he knows that African American voters have only been waiting for an avowed white supremacist to get the Republican nomination so that they can flock back. Maybe Ted Cruz thinks that after Republicans/teabaggers screaming that a President who was born in Hawaii was foreign born, that he'll get a free pass on his Canadian birth. Maybe little Ricky Santorum thinks that America was only pining for a nerdy assed little shit like him to lead us out of the "hummasechel" plots of the "danged libril commies"!

I say that they're stupid. They were stupid yesterday, are stupid today and will be stupid tomorrow and everyday until some sane Republicans decide that they want to be, once again, the party of TR & Ike and not the party of the Palins, Bachmans, Rubios and Ernsts. THAT will only happen after they nominate a Paul/Rubio/Cruz who embraces the most extreme of the teabagger lunatic idiot planks of a solid teabagger platform and gets his ass kicked from coast to coast and Mexican Border to Canadian Border and makes their 2014 congressional majorities into substantial minorities (at least in the senate).

In the post 9/11 thought process of the Republican/teabagger party, I know that I'm supposed to be a good little docile Democrat and go away have myself a good cry as I thank God for the wisdom of the Republican/teabagger party. Once again, FUCK THEM! Once again, we're right and they're wrong. I never have and never will cede them the fight for what is right and what is fair in this country. If there are any democrats who DO want to behave like the Republicans/teabaggers and little Chuckie Todd would like, then I say grow the hell up and learn some courage of your convictions!

My basic messages to our new Republican/teabagger majorities in general and to our national embarrassment of a tragically 2nd term governor here in Maine are first, FUCK YOU and second, fights are always in rounds...2014 was just 1 round. There are plenty of rounds to go. The 2016 round has just begun!

That's my 2 cents and quite possibly over priced at that.


November 5, 2014

A brief history lesson of "wave" elections in my lifetime and a few thoughts.

I'm 59 years old and yesterday was the 21st time that I've voted in either a Presidential or mid term election. Some of those years have been "wave" elections, most haven't, and ALL of them had people on both sides who've VASTLY over-interpreted the results. Going back to the first "wave" election, 1964 when I was 9, here are some highlights

1964- LBJ wins 61+% of the vote and loses only Barry Goldwater's home Arizona and 5 southern states. Democrats have a huge night in both houses of congress and we're then told that the Republican party is DOOMED! Republicans then have significant gain in mid-term elections in 1966 and Trickie Dickie gets elected president in 1968.

1972- Trickie Dickie gets reelected carrying 49 states and Democrats are DOOMED!

1974- Democrats have massive gains in both houses and in governorships and Republicans are DOOMED! then in 1980 Saint Ronald is elected president and the Republicans take the senate.

1984- Saint Ronald is reelected winning 49 states and Democrats are DOOMED! In 1986 the democrats have a big year that includes taking the senate back.

1994- Republicans take both houses of congress and a boatload of governorships and the Democrats (especially Bill Clinton) are DOOMED! in 1996 Clinton is reelected very comfortably and in 1998the Democrats make gains in both houses of congress which marks the first time since FDR that a sitting president's party made mid-term gains at the administration's 6 year mark.

2006- Democrats take back both houses of congress and in 2008 President Obama is elected leading to more Democratic gains and (shall we say it together?) Republicans are DOOMED!

2010- Republicans have a huge mid-term election in the teabagger frenzy and Democratic wave of apathy and Democrats are DOOMED!

2012- President Obama is reelected comfortably, Democrats make congressional gains and Republicans are DOOMED!

2014- the Republican/teabagger party has a big night (partly due again to many Democrats sitting on their asses) and, shock of shocks, Democrats are DOOMED!

A potential lesson here is that things are never quite so good or quite so bad as many, especially today's "news" media, make them out to be.

Another thing that we've learned is that the Republican/teabagger party ALWAYS over interprets their "wave" elections as meaning that the whole country is in a right wing frenzy which usually results in them getting their asses handed to them after a fairly short time.

Another thing that we can learn is that Democrats ALWAYS get very complacent after presidential wins and sit on their asses for the mid-terms, thereby giving the Republicans/teabaggers another chance to get up off of the mat.

The Republican establishment didn't "beat back" the teabagger movement, they BECAME the teabagger movement. They will be sorry before long because Americans are, by nature, moderates, if not somewhat left of center. Teabaggerism WILL bite them in the ass!

Finally, Democrats need to stop worrying that Rush Limbaugh and his ilk will not like them. If you are the Democratic equivalent of George W Shithead running against the Republican/teabagger equivalent of Ted Kennedy, Rush and his merry Band of idiots will still love the Republican/teabagger. Rush has been the de facto leader of the Republican/teabagger party since Bush the first carried his suitcase into the White House for him in 1991. The Democrats running for office should strive to piss him off!

As for myself, I hate what happened last night, but the real congratulations go to the "liberal" media, which has been working hard for last night's results since the day after the 2012 election. Also, since the Republicans/teabaggers are just dying to see us all upset and sad. Well fuck me if I'm going to show them a Goddammed thing!

In their idiocy they seem to think that they can still act the way they have and get away with it forever. They think that the only thing that African Americans have been waiting for to get them to vote their way is an avowed white supremacist like Rand Paul. They were stupid yesterday, are stupid today and will be stupid tomorrow. In the wise words of my mom, "SCREW "EM"!!!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


November 4, 2014

I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, but VOTE!!!

The very people who've been talking about the inevitable Republican/teabaggers takeover of the senate and the Democratic electoral apocalypse since about 3 minutes after Willard Romney conceded on the night of his landslide victory in 2012 (if you remember, the teabaggers took over the senate that night, too) are the same people who sold the snake oil of weapons of mass destruction, the mushroom cloud, the failure of the ACA and so much else horseshit that it would take way too long the list it all.

Why on Earth would we believe ANYTHING from people who've been wrong about EVERYTHING? Why would we believe the only "news source" that has sued for the right to lie their asses off? In reality, polling from many sources tell us that it doesn't look too bad for us.

I, for one, choose not to go along with the dictates of people whose best interests are served by average American either not voting or voting against their own best interests.

My wife and I voted already. We voted the straight Democratic ticket and screw the Republicans/teabaggers, Chuck Todd, Fox, "News" and all of the corporately owned and controlled media who've been trying to manufacture the outcome of the 2014 elections before the 2012 vote counting had even been completed!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


October 24, 2014

Teabaggers Truly ARE Grade A USDA Choice #1 MORONS!!!

I had to renew my driver's license back in June. Unfortunately, I misplaced it a couple of weeks ago and yesterday went to DMV in Augusta, Maine to order a duplicate (which I'm sure will arrive about 4 minutes BEFORE I find the original).

In the parking lot there are about 6 spaces for the cars of people who are going to take their driver's test. There is a huge white sign there with big and wide blue letters giving the instruction to BACK into the spot and that the spots are RESERVED for the driver's tests. Right exactly in front of the sign there was a car parked front end in at the spot DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the sign. As I passed the car, as sure as shooting, I saw the "don't tread on me" teabagger bumper sticker.

THESE are the type of people that the voters are supposedly going to entrust with both houses of congress in a week and a half? JEEEZIS ! If we Democrats allow that to happen because people like Chuck Todd decided, before all of the 2012 votes were even counted, that 2014 was going to be a big teabagger blowout like the one that we allowed in 2010, than we will deserve EVERYTHING that happens to us over the next 2 years . We will also be letting down one of the best Presidents to serve in my nearly 60 years on this Earth.

Just my 2 cents and quite probably overpriced at that. Good night everybody!


October 16, 2014

Hi...I'm back with a few thoughts.

Hi everybody. Our internet is turned back on and I'm just delighted to be here again. I'm checking in here even before I'm checking my long neglected e-mail accounts...Yikes!

Anyway, here are my 2 cents on a few things that have happened in the news or in life since I've been away. As usual, my 2 cents may quite possibly be overpriced.

1. Jennifer Lawrence's hacked pictures. OK, I relay like JL. Aside from her acclaim as an actress, she seems an intelligent and well thought young woman. I thought she was wonderful in silver Linings Playbook and I look forward to seeing The Hunger Games movies. We don't want to see them until we finish reading all 3 books. Fortunately, I'll be picking up Mocking Jay at the library tomorrow. JL is a very beautiful young woman. If she were to do a nude scene in a movie and I saw that movie, I'd almost certainly enjoy it. However, hacking and posting some private nude photos that she almost certainly intended to be seen by someone special to her is the act of a pure slimeball. I'm not interested in seeing them. Even though she is a public figure, she deserves some level of privacy. Besides, isn't there enough free porn on the web featuring performers who at least appear to WANT to be there?

2. The use of the term "teabagger". Shortly before my hiatus, I got into an exchange on Facebook with some idiot up here in Maine who is a fervent supporter of our glorious governor, Paul Le(ram)Page. At one point I referred to the republican/teabagger members of the House of Representatives as the reasons why this congress is so wildly unproductive. This exchange was done on the wall of a Republican/teabagger state rep from here in Maine. She later PM'd me asking me to edit my comment and eliminate the use of the word "teabagger" or she'd be "forced" to delete my comments. I told her to feel free to delete because I was NOT going to make concessions to the sensitivities of the type of people who've been calling me (as well as anyone else to the left of Attila the Hun) every name in the book since I stated my opposition to the Vietnam war in 1967 a few months before my 12th birthday.

3. The Democratic electoral "disaster" of 2014. OK, the media seems to be in a 2 year long circle jerk that dictates that since this is the 6th year of President Obama's terms, this is going to be a massively Republican/teabagger year. I see poll after poll showing Democrats leading or even in Republican/teabagger areas, Democrats whom pundits (who never venture any further than the restroom away from their cubbies in Washington) have pronounced to be doomed looking to be in pretty good shape, and the almost certainty that at least 2 teabagger governors (Corbet in PA and our own idiot Paul Le(ram)Page here in Maine) are going to get their asses rather unceremoniously kicked out of office. GEE WHIZ...that sure look like a teabagger landslide to me !!!

I'm sure there are more things that will come to mind, but that's all for now.

Just 1 final thought...If you have a few extra $$$ for a candidate, please consider sending it to Shenna Bellows, our great US Senate candidate up here in Maine!


August 31, 2014

I am NOT leaving DU, but...

...I am going to have to step back for awhile. I'm not angry with anyone (if I were, than that's why there is an ignore list), I'm not disillusioned (this isn't a perfect community but what is?) and nobody hurt my feelings or offended me. Am I happy with everything that goes on here? No. Am I in a fit of pique? Hell no. Am I taking my cyber ball and going home in a fit? FUCK HELL NO!

Late in June I lost my job and with only my wife's income alone dictates that we have to make some temporary sacrifices, among them being our home internet and Netflix, which are both going to o be temporarily suspended after today. So today, we're enjoying our Netflix raves a d our websites. Fortunately, our town library has internet and I have a good looking job interview this week. Hopefully, this will be VERY temporary. I certainly know that I am not a DU leading member, but I hope that there will be some who will be happy upon my return.

In the interim, vote blue, encourage others to do so and if you're up here in Maine, than GO SHENNA BELLOWS, MIKE MICHAUD, CHELLIE PINGREE, EMILY CAIN AND MAINE DEMS!!!

That's my 2cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that...yikes!


August 30, 2014

I just got off of the phone from an old fashioned KKKarl Rove style Republican/teabagger push poll

At first I was having a pleasant time answering seemingly impartial questions about this year's elections being asked by a very nice young woman. She sounded like she may be African American, which I wouldn't bring up except for the fact that I felt bad for her for having to peddle the teabagger horse shit that the questions consisted of after about the halfway point.

The way I could tell it was a push poll, probably for our "spectacular and glorious" governor Paul Le(ram)Page, was from questions like "would the fact that Paul LePage is responsible for the largest tax cut in Maine history make you more or less likely to vote for him?" and "does the fact that Mike Michaud voted for Obamacare and has passed no legislation in 12 years make you more or less likely to vote for him?"

I pointed out with every question just where the lies were and I told the young woman that I was not giving HER a hard time because she was simply earning a living, but that was clearly a Republican/teabagger push poll. One interesting thing was that the poll was also trying to pump up Eliot Cutler, the Independent who handed the election to Le(ram)Page in 2010 and whom the Republicans/teabaggers desperately hope he does again. Cutler is running for governor for one reason, and that is to stoke and glorify his enormous ego.

In fact < I have seen some info stating that some sane Republicans (Are there ANY nowadays?) may be voting for Cutler this year. Wouldn't be funny if THEY threw this year's election to Mike Michaud?

It wouldn't surprise me if my results are thrown out because I am on their recording several times stating that it's a push poll, but several times when I pointed out that something they said in one of their questions was a blatant lie, the woman responded by saying that numerous other people had told her the same thing...interesting!

Just thought I'd share. That's my 2 cents and quite possibly overpriced at that!


August 18, 2014

The new "Cosmos" is now on Netflix!

The first season of 13 episodes are now on Netflix...OH HAPPY DAY!

NdT definitely makes the show his own, but he credits the great Carl Sagan quite frequently and often, quite touchingly. He makes Science fun. I've seen the first 5 episodes and all I can say is WOW!

He never directly criticizes the fundie/teabaggers, but he puts in quite a few subtle digs that they're probably too stupid and clueless to pick up on.

I can't wait for Netflix to add the second season!


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