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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 04:38 PM
Number of posts: 9,176

Journal Archives

My "Close Encounter Of The Turd Kind" With A teabagger Yesterday.

Hi. My job is working in Community Support with adults with mental illnesses. I take them out into the community so they can do the things they want to do, enjoy doing or need to do. It Does NOT pay much, but, at the same time, it's also not a very difficult job to do and I like it.

My car's back is loaded with bumper stickers touting my beliefs. I have Obama stickers from 2008 ND 2012, Ready for Hillary, ACLU, pro ACA, Michaud for Governor, Shenna Bellows for Senate ( ), and, last but not least, an old sticker that says "When Bush Took Office Gas was $1.46".

Yesterday, I was driving my client back to the office so he could fix his lunch and a van pulled next to me and the guy started shouting something to me that I couldn't hear. At the light I pulled next to him and asked what he said and he asked how I felt when gas was $3.75 under Obama. I told him that I felt a hell of a lot better then than when it was $4.29 under George W Shithead. He said that at least Shithead kept us safe and I said that about 3000 American families didn't feel safe while Bush read "My Pet Goat" as their loved ones burned to death. He said that Obama was a Kenyan socialist and I told him to take it back to his teabagger rally and that there should be one starting in about 14 seconds and put my window up. I can only deal with just so much idiocy in one dose. I'm surprised that I didn't hear that we had to "fight'em over there before we had to fight'em over here"!

I know that the teabaggers are still out there and, newsflash, they are NEVER going away! That doesn't mean that I have to let their drivel go unanswered OR that I have to respect them in the least. Our local Democratic Chairlady points out that the teabaggers' beliefs are sincere. I always counter that by saying that the beliefs of the Salem witch hunters were sincere also...and THEY were BS, too!

That's my 2 cents...and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Regarding Phelps.

Before I say anything else. let me say that I consider Phelps to be a completely detestable human being as lacking in any human decency or redeeming quality as most members of the George w Shithead administration and quite possibly worse than some. It amazes me how he could have taken his merry band of pea brained and soft headed congregants to the funerals of deceased service people to make the point to the families that their loved one deserved to die because "Omuraca tolerates dem hummasechuls"!

That being said, it has bothered me to see so many here hoping that he has a great deal of pain and suffering in his last hours and rejoicing at the prospect of his death. Please understand that I have no pity or sympathy for him, but aren't WE better people than the teabaggers? Isn't one of the things that make us better than the teabaggers the fact that we DON'T rejoice over the suffering of others?

Don't get me wrong. I fully expect that there is a special corner of Hell for Phelps and those like him, but I don't believe that it's right for us to act the same way that the teabaggers do in the reverse circumstance. There are too many other ways that we can counter them for us to act lie them.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


I've been a little upset since Friday because of something I saw.

My job is to take mentally ill people out into the community. It doesn't pay a lot but it is also not a difficult job and I enjoy it and my wife and I have discussed and concluded that I'll stay where I am and look for advancement.

Last Friday, my client wanted lunch from Arby's and as I was driving him there, we were stopped at a light behind a pick-up truck with an "In Loving Memory Of..." decal on the back windshield. It had the US Marines emblem and it was for a young man who died in January of 2007 just 4 months short of his 22nd birthday. As I looked, I realized that this young man had almost certainly lost his life in the Cheney/Bush administration's unjustified was of lies and for oil in Iraq.

It reminded me of a conversation that I had with my son about 9 months ago, shortly after his 13th birthday. We were out for pizza while my wife was at a ladies' night for one event or another. We were discussing some of his career ideas, which include both the military and law enforcement. He asked if his mother and I would be proud of him if he were to die heroically in combat. As any other father would, I was very disturbed, to say the least, at the thought of surviving my son.

I explained to him that while we WOULD be proud of him, we would also be DEVASTATED by his death. I explained to him that while we would receive all of the medals, decorations, letters and certificates and the flag that would cover his coffin, those are all inanimate symbols. A parent can't invite a medal to come over for a barbecue. Parents can't sit down and watch a movie or a ball game with a flag and we can't spoil the grandchild that was fathered by a certificate. We can't celebrate the birthday of a decal.

I explained to him that we would be proud of him if he simply grew up to be a good man. The last thing my wife and I would ever want is for our son's life to be offered up on the alter of damned Ukraine!

As I looked at the decal on the truck in front of us, I also realized that the man driving that truck is now and for the rest of his life living the worst nightmare of any parent. I felt for the loss that these parents have suffered...and likely for the Cheney/Bush war.

I keep remembering a Clint Eastwood line from close to the end of "The Outlaw Josie Wales" where, referring to the Civil War, he says that he believes that EVERYBODY died a little bit in that damn war. I think the same about both the Vietnam and Iraq wars. There were too damn many young men and women who sacrificed their lives, as well as too damned many families that were crushed by this damn war that Cheney lied us into for the sake of Halliburton's profits as Bush babbled like the moron that he is while reciting his spoon fed fabrications.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


The Iron Lady

My wife and I watched this on Netflix streaming a few nights ago when we were up to our earlobes in snow up here in Maine.

Let me preface my very brief remarks by saying that I remember Margaret Thatcher's reign of terror and I have NOTHING positive to say about her politically and very close to nothing positive to say about her personally except for the fact that I'm quite certain that she made sure to pick a very flattering shade of lipstick to apply whenever she was going to kiss Saint Ronald Reagan's pruney, wrinkled and leathery old ass for him.

That being said, I can highly recommend this movie simply for the wonderful performances by Meryl Streep and by Jim Broadbent. Bravo, because they were each superb, as I've learned to expect from both of them.

Kudos to 2 very fine actors for the job they did in the film biography of someone that I consider to be an ENORMOUS walking turd!


I have only a couple of sentences to say about the late Joan Mondale.

While I never met her, she always came across to me as a very genteel, warm and elegant lady.

In 1984, she put up with the media sanctioned unfair belittling of her husband with incredible grace and dignity.

She would have been a MUCH better FLOTUS than Nancy Reagan or either of the Bush stepfords.

RIP Mrs Mondale!


Just a personal note before I dash out the door.

Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of my sobriety. No congrats needed...I'd only like to say one thing.

If you are struggling with addiction, than you CAN get HERE from THERE!


Once upon a time, a LONG time ago,...

...I was VERY homophobic.I was young, in college in the 70s, it was a time when LGBT people were first coming out and no longer buying into society's horseshit about homosexuality being a mental disorder or a disease or a perversion. I remember many people introducing themselves by saying something like "Hi, I'm Bob and I'm gay"!

I can say 2 things to explain it. First, it's what I was taught. Second, like many other men my age, I had the misconception that any gay man was automatically lusting uncontrollably for my measly little pecker!

I don't know just exactly when it was or what happened to change my mind to the vast degree that it has, but it certainly did the trick! I think that possibly one of the first steps was the great respect that I've always had for Diana Nyad, who is probably my favorite non-tennis athlete ever. Over time I realized that for "the American Dream" to be real, it had to be real for everybody, no matter their race, religion, nationality or whom they love. I also realized that everyone in this life has the right to love and be loved, weather by someone of the same or opposite gender. My wife and I happily and proudly supported Marriage Equality with both our advocacy and our votes, both in 2009, when it lost up here in Maine, and in 2012, when we became, along with a few other states, the first state to legalize Marriage Equality by popular vote.

As I've mentioned before, I play Santa every Christmas. About 10 days before Christmas last month, I was pumping some gas in my "secret identity" but wearing a red sweat shirt with my beard in full flowing when a young couple with a little girl about 7years old. The little girl saw me, giggled and waved while I did a big "Ho, Ho, Ho". I went into the store and the young mom told me that I'd made her daughter's day. I asked if she were in the car with her dad and the young woman said that the little girl was with "her other mom". I gave her a great big ho, ho, ho and said that THIS Santa loves ALL families!

Anyway, maybe some of you will tell me that I don't have to apologize for what happened nearly 40 years ago, but I still feel bad about my homophobia to this day, even though I NEVER did anything violent or verbally abrasive/abusive to an LGBT person.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Please pardon me as a totally clueless old fudd, but...

...what exactly is WOO?

In MY world, "WOO" is what I yell when my beautiful wife gets frisky...and I'll NEVER say anything nasty about THAT !!!


From our family to yours,...

...please accept our best wishes for a happy and prosperous and healthy New Year...all the best in 2014!!!


Regarding Fox "News"'s "Santa is white...he just is" lunacy!

Hi. I play Santa Claus. If I can get some help from my tech savy wife o son, maybe I'll put in some photos to prove it on a later edit. As my son correctly says, I have WAY too much fun doing it!!! In the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I have a day off and am out at the supermarket or running errands, I always wear my Santa hat and a red shirt or sweater and you won't believe the number of kids (and adults) who just FREAK with excitement. Yes, adults really DO want to believe!

While I would NEVER speak to a child without at least a tacit approval from the parent, if I do have it, I'll always chat with the child by asking his/her name, how old they are. I then ponder and tell them that they ARE on the nice list, but that they have to remember to follow their family rules. I then remind them to eat their veggies, brush their teeth, clean their rooms, work hard in school, etc., because those are not only nice list things, but BIG kid things, too! Let's face it, what parent is going to object to SANTA CLAUS telling their kid those things?

When I get home for the night on Christmas Eve, I shave the beard off because I know that if I go out looking like Santa on December 26, than many of those kids who were SOOO excited to see me just a few days before will be coming up to me, kicking my shins and calling me an old bastard for not bringing them every single thing that they wanted. Worse yet, some parents may tell their kids that it was MY fault that they didn't get it all!

I'm a 58 year old fat white guy. Many would describe me as middle aged, but I coubt that I'll make it to 116.

I tell you this to show that I do have some skin in the game when I comment on the Fox "News"' "Santa is just white" idiocy.

A few years ago, I was in a game store with my son a few Saturdays before Christmas in my Santa "disguise" when an African American family came in. There were 3 kids, a lovely mom and a dad who looked to be about 38 years old, was a really good looking guy with a very athletic build. After going through my usual Sants routine, I was chatting with the dad and I told him that I thought he would make a wonderful Santa. He was a bit taken aback by this and I explained my opinion that there is no rule that says that Santa has to be a fat old white guy. I expressed my opinion that since we have a young and handsome African American President, we could also have a young and handsome African American Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is a symbol of the spirit of giving, generosity, sharing and love that is emblematic of the Holiday Season. Who says that that symbol can only have the face of old dudes like me and only those of Northern and Western European ancestry?
Speaking for myself, I don't care if Santa is white, black Asian, straight, gay fat, thin, male, female or paisley & polka dotted!

It is also amazingly vacuous to state automatically that Jesus and Saint Nicholas were Northern/Western European. Jesus was Middle Eastern and almost certainly looked so, and possibly black. Saint Nicholas was Greek and almost certainly looked Mediterranean. For Ms. Kelly company to bend this to make them into the precious Fox "News" Caucasian is moronic, but also typical of that network.

Let me also add that the word "holiday" comes from the root of "holy day", so wishing someone "Happy Holidays" is NOT participating in the "War on Christmas". If I'm aware of being in the presence of someone who is devoted to this particular Fox "News" piece of lunacy, I'll make sure to say "Happy Holidays" while dressed Santa just to annoy them!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!

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